Tala Imobilizadora Hand and Forearm

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Ortótese with Articulation for the Wrist of the brand Orliman ® manufactured in thermoplastic, consisting of two parts (the forearm and the palmar of the hand) that are connected to each other by an articulation in the area of the wrist, which allows you to make the adjustment from the palm of the hand as well as the dorsal flexion of the ortótese, limiting some movements of the wrist joint or immobilizing a set position. There is also the possibility of ortótese be shaped as of patient, this process requires the use of a hot air gun.


  • Has function-by-function to achieve a limitation of the mobility the more complete as possible of the wrist, hand and fingers holding them in slight flexion of 10 ° and abduction of the thumb.


  • Neurological injuries of central origin peripheral (paralysis espasmódicas and flabby); as a treatment for the prevention of the strain of origin is rheumatic as well as the relief of pain and reduction of inflammation. Syndrome of the channel cárpio.


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