Shipping Orders

Delivery date for orders varies depending on the product you want to purchase. This information is explicit on the article page. 

If there is any extension of this delivery time, our Customer Service department will inform you about the status of your order.

In situations where an order has multiple items, the delivery time forecast corresponds to the longest time between items. 

In shipments outside Portugal and Spain, there may be an extension of the delivery date of your order. If this happens, the customer will be informed by our responsible department.

For situations where the order is shipped form our warehouse to the customer, it receives two emails at the indicated address:

shipping-truck.png ▪ 1º email indicating that the package was shipped and with the tracking number provided by the carrier! 

If you do not receive these emails, please check your spam/junk box or other areas of your email inbox before contacting us. 

In situation where the delivery address was incorrect and the package returns to our warehouse, new shipping costs will be charged if the customer remain interested in receiving the order. 

Our supply capacity is limited to the availability of existing stock. In the event of a stockout, the customer will be notified by our customer support department via email or telephone about the status and expected delivery date of the order. The items will be shipped from our warehouse and the customer will receive information by email indicating that shipment. 


Shipping costs are calculated by our website at the time of checkout.


box.png MRW%20Logo.jpg  Minimum Value of 3,99€ (Valid for Mainland Portugal)

free-delivery.png Deliveries to Mainland Portugal over 80€ are free!

Outside of Portugal (Rest of the World)

There is a possibility of us sending to various countries in the world. 

If you are interested in any of the products that we sell on our website, you can send us an email with your address and contact information for us to verify with the Carrier DHL the value of the shipping Costs. 

Send your info to the following email: 

Below you can check the carriers responsible for our shipments according to the zones: 

Mainland Portugalportugal.png    MRW Logo.jpg 

Azores and Madeira           CTT Expresso.png

Rest of the World    World.png     DHL Logo.png

We ask that you check the external condition of the packages upon reception. If you notice any anomally (damaged boxes, wet boxes or the number of boxes received different from the number mentioned in the delivery note), please note on the receipt. 

Delivery services are processed on BUSINESS DAYS between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM. 

Orders are always shipped from our warehouse accompanied by the invoice. This, most of the time, goes inside a plastic bag on the outside of the package. The invoice can also be placed inside the package. 

 Exchanges and Returns

The customer has 14 consecutive days from the date of reception of the order to complete the return/exchange process.  

 Our customer support department must always be notified of exchange/return request via email to the following address:

After informing our department, sending the item to our warehouse can be done in two ways:

  • ▪ Customer can ship to our main warehouse (Ex: Shipping via Registered CTT). (Only Mainland Portugal and Azores/Madeira)
  • ▪ Item collection scheduled by our department;

In the last possibility mentioned above, the customer must pay a value of €3.99 to enable the collection request. After payment of the amount, you must send the proof to the email of our department.

Outside of Portugal (Rest of the World)

After informing our department, we will have to collect the package directly in your address. That collection of the item at your address will be carried out by the carrier DHL. 

The collection has a cost and you will be informed via email by our customer support department.

You can pay the value of collection via Bank Transfer our Paypal. In case you choose the method Bank transfer, we need you to send us the payment receipt. 

After we have the information that the payment was made, we will proceed with the process and schedule the collection.  

exchange.png  Returns

Returned items must be in perfect condition, in the original unopened packaging, with the full number of units accompanied by all brochures and guarantees. 

We do not accept returns for violated packaging or used products. 

The customer who proceeds with the return/exchange must pack the item as best as possible, placing it inside a box or other packaging, in order to ensure the complete integrity of the item and its packaging.

Throughout the exchange process, will be charged values for the collection process and for the second shipping (if it is an article exchange process). 

In case of exchange process in Portugal and Spain, the customer will only pay for the collection process. The second shipping is for free. 

return-on-investment.png Refunds

The refund of product values will only be made after reception and verification of their status by our quality department at our facilities. 

The refund method for the partial/full amount paid varies according to the payment method chosen at the time the order was placed. 

In the case of ATM, Bank Transfer and billing method, the customer's NIB is required so that the accounting department can carry out the refund. 

As for MBWAY, Paypal and Credit Card payments, the return is made through these platforms, without the need for NIB or IBAN. 

Outside of Portugal (Rest of the World)

The refund method for the partial/full amount paid varies according to the payment method chosen at the time the order was placed. 

If you paid via Paypal and Bank Transfer, the refund will be made the same way. In case of bank transfer, we will need the customer's NIB so that the accounting department can carry out the refund. 

 We do not accept returns from the customer for customized products (made to measure products, special colors, etc..), nor those that for hygiene reasons cannot be re-sold to third parties. We do not exchange or return elastic stockings.