Do you have questions about how to proceed and browse our site? Be it before, during or after placing an order, you will find on this page all the answers to the doubts that may arise and how to proceed in various situations.


Is it safe to Shop at our Online Store?

Is It Necessary to Register on your Site to Order?

What are the Advantages of Having an Account on your Website?

What Payment Methods Can I Use on Your Site?

What is the Delivery Time of Items?

I want a different delivery address from the billing address. What should I do?

I have a Discount Code. How can I apply it?

Can I Choose the Delivery Time for My Order?

Shipping and Order Status

How Can I Check My Order Status?

How Can I Cancel an Order?

Do you Make Weekend Deliveries?

How Do I Receive My Invoice?

The Carrier Tried to Deliver, But I Wasn't Home. What Should I Do?

I Have a Lot of Urgency on My Order, Can I Pay More for Postage?

My Order Arrived Damaged. How Should I Proceed?

Exchanges and Returns

I Received my order and the item Does Not Correspond to What i Expected. How can i exchange/return?

I placed an order on the online store and the item does not fit me. I live in Leiria (Portugal), can I deliver the item to the Physical Store?

Posso Enviar o artigo que pretendo trocar diretamente para a Loja Online?

I don't have the possibility to send the article to you, how should I proceed?

How Do I Know If the Article Has Reached You or Not?

If you want to refund the amount, how is it done?

I live in Madeira/Azores. How Can I Return/Exchange an Item?

If I want the refund, is it done in full?

How long until i receive the Refund amount?

How to order on our website?