Immobilizing Orthosis of Hand and Thumb

Immobilizing Orthosis of Hand and Thumb


Immobilizing Orthosis

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Immobilizing Orthosis of the Hand and the Thumb

Orthosis from the brand Orliman® Ref OM6101D/OM6101I, fabricada from a core of aluminum, malleable so that the adjustment and positioning appropriate to be made in accordance with the medical requirements, of the wrist, hand, fingers and thumb.


  • ▪ With the filler in the foam on the inside, for greater comfort. Lining in terry cloth woven to a better absorption of sweat.
  • ▪ Outer fabric velvet.
  • ▪ Belts of limitation-lined fabric is thick and closure of easy opening in the hook.
  • ▪ Allows it to be adjusted in the area of the hand, wrist and fingers according to medical criteria.
  • ▪ With several options of intermediate positions possible due to the power to manipulate the aluminum malleable to different angles and postures.


  • ▪ Has the function to achieve the immobilization and alignment of the wrist joint, hand and fingers, keeping them with a slight flexion and abduction of the thumb, and can vary the angle of positioning.


  • ▪ Neurological injuries of central origin peripheral (paralysis espasmódicas and flabby); as a treatment in the prevention of deformations of origin, rheumatic, as well as in the relief of pain and reduction of inflammation, carpal tunnel syndrome.


  • ▪ Tala + tab interdigital.

Sizes: Width of the hand

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