ViscoFlex Anti-bedsore Mattress

ViscoFlex Anti-bedsore Mattress


Degree of Risk of Bedsore: Medium to High

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ViscoFlex Anti-bedsore Mattress

Manufactured by the brand Systam® Ref. P161MOPMHI190, in a single block in memory-effect memory foam. It contains an anatomical shape that, combined with its properties and an integral waterproof guard, guarantee a perfect behavior fully adapted to the kinetics of single or double elevation medical beds. The method used to insert the foam into the mattress structure is known as CONCEPT INSERT , this allows to increase or decrease the pressure on some areas in order to obtain the correct sinking of the foam, that is, to avoid the risk of trampling.


  • ▪ Provides a good distribution of skin pressure in risk areas.
  • ▪ The round corners allow the installation of the hanger and IV pole.
  • ▪ It facilitates blood circulation, allowing for greater comfort and greater effectiveness in the patient's position.
  • ▪ The top layer is made of high-density visco-elastic foam with a memory effect of 80kg/m3 allowing for a smooth sinking and a better distribution of pressure, reducing friction and the burning effect.
  • ▪ The heart area of the mattress is composed of a 40 kg/m3 high-density anatomical core that works as a spring effect, allowing for better prevention of the phenomenon of pinching.
  • ▪ Supported weight: up to 130 kg.
  • ▪ The 200 x 90 x 14 size is for users up to 180 kg.


  • ▪ For patients at high risk for pressure ulcers.
  • ▪ In situations where there is a high risk of pressure ulcers according to the Braden, Norton, Waterlow tables.
  • ▪ Users who have a history that when they are lying down, they are likely to get pressure ulcers.
  • ▪ Patients who are in situations of paralysis of the lower limbs or spine.

Care and Hygiene

  • ▪ After unrolling the mattress, wait 24 to 48 hours until you can sit or lie down on it.

cleaning instructions


  • ▪ To speed up the process of putting this mattress into service, it is advisable to keep it, on the eve of installation, in a heated room. Otherwise, in cold weather, certain zones may be slower to decompress.
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