PolyMulti Visco Anti-bedsore Mattress

PolyMulti Visco Anti-Bedsore Mattress


Degree of Risk of Bedsore: Medium to High

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PolyMulti Visco Anti-Bedsore Mattress

Manufactured by the brand Systam® Ref. P181MPPMHI, it has two sectors with viscoelastic foam pads. The molding of these two sectors is made to have the effect of increasing the contact surface, spreading the pressures and providing greater comfort and stability to the patient, avoiding the phenomenon of tracking. The upper area is MULTIBEARING, meaning they are made with two types of materials with different textures, a firmer and a softer one. In the Sacrum and heel areas, the pads are 4 cm high in viscoelastic foam.


  • ▪ The round corners allow the installation of the hanger and IV pole.
  • ▪ Provides a good distribution of skin pressure in risk areas, facilitating blood circulation, greater comfort and greater effectiveness in the patient's position.
  • ▪ Resistant to deformation and sagging.
  • ▪ It doesn't disintegrate.
  • ▪ It doesn't tear.
  • ▪ Waterproof, hypoallergenic, antifungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial cover.
  • ▪ Maximum supported weight: up to 130 kg.


  • ▪ Indicated for patients with Medium High Risk of pressure ulcers.
  • ▪ In situations where there is a risk of pressure ulcers according to the Braden, Norton, Waterlow tables.
  • ▪ Advisable in patients who have a history of having a high chance of getting pressure ulcers when lying down.
  • ▪ Patients who are in situations of paralysis of the lower limbs or spine.
  • ▪ Suitable for homes and individuals and hospitals.

Care and Hygiene

  • ▪ After unrolling the mattress, wait 24 to 48 hours until you can sit or lie down on it.

cleaning instructions


  • ▪ 200 x 90 x 14 cm.

Two Distinct Foam Sectors


  • ▪ To speed up the process of putting this mattress into service, it is advisable to keep it, on the eve of installation, in a heated room. Otherwise, in cold weather, certain zones may be slower to decompress.
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