Mattress Anti-Bedsores Memory Foam Premium

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Degree of Risk of pressure Sores: Medium to High.


The Mattress Anti-Bedsores in Viscoelastic Material Premium

brand Berlipele ® national manufacturing is indicated for users of articulated beds, however it can also be used in beds conventional and can be manufactured to measure.Its base is comprised of foam of high resilience HR55 and Viscoelastic 50CR which provide a great comfort and help in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. Recommended for people who will stay long periods in bed, people recovering from surgery, the bedridden, and people with excess weight.

Characteristics and Indications:

  • Indicated for patients with medium to high risk of pressure ulcers, pressure sores.
  • Should be used always with the colored surface to the top.
  • Does not have the surface of the Summer or the Winter.
  • Waterproof cover on the screen bielástica that prevents injury by friction, and ensures a great comfort to the user.
  • Cover easily washable.
  • Can be manufactured to measure

Standard Dimensions

  • 190 x 90 x 16 cm (Wide x Length x Height).

Transport of the Mattress

  • The mattress is packed without the paper outer cotton, so that the colored surface is easily visible and correctly placed at its base.
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