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POCKET MASK Resuscitation Mask

It is a non-invasive, pocket-sized, disposable, Basic Life Support inflation mask. Contains an integrated non-rebreathing valve and an efficient filter to prevent direct contact with the patient's mouth when providing mouth-to-mouth respiration.


  • Latex-free, with an inflatable tube.
  • Supplied in a compact orange plastic case with a corrugated tube for easier use.
  • Intended for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation for adults and children.


  • This product is intended to be used exclusively by medical personnel or nurses specialized in resuscitation techniques.
  • Can be used on adults, children and babies.

Mode of Use

  1. Lay the patient down with a pillow or something similar under the shoulders to align and free the oral cavity.
  2. Apply the mask with the narrowest part over the nose and the anti-reflux valve (OUT) oriented towards the patient's chest, secure it to the head with the rubber band.
  3. In case it is necessary to use oxygen, join the tube in the specific hole. In this case, check that there are no free flames, oils and greases.
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