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The Vest Jewett Articulated brand Orliman ® high-quality and high-level medical, is a vest of hyperextension with the feature of being able to be adjusted to the morphology of each patient in situations such as a kyphosis or excessive pectus carinatum, since the angle of support of the chest can be adjusted. This new model was designed with a system to regulate the inclination of support of the chest, being that there are five possible positions of adjust with intervals of 20, this operation can be done by removing the screw and placing in the intended hole.


  • The regulation system located on both sides of support of the chest, allows you to adjust the most suitable position in the area of the chest resulting in a perfect adaptation to the patient.
  • Three support points (pectoral, suprapúbico, toracolombar).
  • Lightweight aluminium frame.
  • Card mobile Sternal.
  • Height adjustment at the level of the control boards on the sides.
  • Plate voltage dorsolumbar adjustable by the band and locking system.
  • Cards padded for added comfort.
  • The band of the pelvis can be left fixed or tilted to adapt to the different positions of the patient.


  • Fractures, stable compression of the body of the spinal column, thoracic and lumbar medium and low.
  • Stabilization axial collapse of bone affected by osteoporosis of the spine the thoracic and lumbar spine.
  • Immobilization in the medium term after surgery.
  • Treatment ortótico after operative treatment of unstable fractures of the spine.
  • Treatment ortótico continuous in the case of tumours and metastases, inoperable in the vertebral column; treatment ortótico the postoperative period after operative treatment of tumors and metastases in the spinal column.
  • After interventions decompression of the spine with and without stabilisation built in.
Perimeter Pelvis (cm)60-7575-9090-105105-115
Height (cm) *39-4642-4945-5249-56

* Height between the pad of the sternum and the lower part of the band pelvic

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