Anita Vario 1052XV Bilateral Adhesive Prosthesis

Anita Vario 1052XV Bilateral Adhesive Prosthesis


Post-Mastectomy Prosthesis

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Anita Vario 1052XV Bilateral Adhesive Prosthesis

Manufactured by the brand Anita® Ref 1052XV, it has adhesive flaps to glue the prosthesis directly to the chest, giving the wearer a feeling of incomparable freedom and naturalness, so that she can wear any bra, or simply enjoy the body at its best. It's quite versatile, making it ideal for everyday use. The adhesives have been extensively tested, with no risk of any oscillation of the prosthesis, bringing comfort and safety to the user. Furthermore, it has a reduced weight of up to 25%, making it more comfortable. Its matte finish makes it a beautiful and naturally adaptable prosthesis to various body types. This prosthesis has been dermatologically tested and certified to strict biocompatibility standards according to DIN ISO 10993.


  • Box with 1 (one) unit.
  • ▪ Weight reduction up to 35% compared to common dentures.
  • ▪ Partial adhesion, favors skin acclimatization and natural oscillation.
  • ▪ Adherent flaps (self-adhesive) were dermatologically tested, are elastic and easy to care for.
  • ▪ Easily take off with warm tap water.
  • ▪ Valance prostheses with SoftLite silicone with soft back.
  • ▪ Can also be used as normal dentures with bras.


  • ▪ 100% Silicone.

Hygiene and care

  • ▪ Wash with warm water, shower gel and towel dry.
  • ▪ Do not use brushes or bleaching and/or abrasive products.


  • ▪ The use of a prosthesis is recommended for the purpose of weight compensation against the other breast, after healing.
  • ▪ For a natural feeling on the chest, allowing the use of any bra.
  • ▪ Compensation for irregularities.

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