Orthia Baby Nursing Pillow

Orthia Baby Nursing Pillow


Breastfeeding Pillow

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 Orthia Baby Maternity Pillow

Manufactured by the Orthia Baby brand, it allows you to adapt to mom and baby from the breastfeeding stage, while accompanying their psychomotor development. Its versatility allows you to support the Baby while breastfeeding, when learning to crawl and to sit.


  • ▪ Exterior: Removable and washable covers at 30 ºC (100% Cotton).
  • ▪ Interior: Polyurethane foam.

to breastfeed

  • ▪ It helps to maintain a correct posture during breastfeeding (breast or bottle), avoiding back pain and muscle tension in the adult's arms, shoulders and neck.
  • ▪ Its anatomical configuration provides the perfect adjustment to the adult's body, and its consistency guarantees comfortable support for the baby, keeping it at the ideal height for breastfeeding.
  • ▪ Allows rest after breastfeeding, ensuring that the Baby's head is slightly elevated, facilitating digestion and preventing regurgitation.

to lie down

  • ▪ It serves as a comfort for laying the baby down, preventing him from turning over.

to sit

  • ▪ Comfortably assists the baby in sitting balance, allowing space to be limited.

To play

  • ▪ Allows the baby to spend more time on his stomach, strengthening the muscles of the neck and back and helping coordination to learn to crawl;
  • ▪ Helps the baby to get up to walk, thus gaining strength in the legs.
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