Anti-Sore Pad for Lumbar Support

Anti-Sore Pad for Lumbar Support


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Anti-Sore Pad for Lumbar Support

Manufactured by the brand Systam® Ref. P951D, it has an innovative system, which gives it two distinct zones of density. White zone has a low density surface, ensuring increased protection in the dorsal zone and an elimination of pressure in the vertebral zone. And blue zone that contains a harder and firmer surface, for better stability and comfort, transferring the pressures from the areas of greater risk, enhancing lateral stability.


  • ▪ Anatomical shape combined with the properties of viscoelastic foam allow to increase the contact surface with the pillow, resulting in a clear reduction in skin pressure, increasing stability and patient comfort.
  • ▪ The density of viscoelastic foam is 80 kg/m3, resisting sinking and deformation when compared to other industrial viscoelastic foams, thus avoiding the phenomenon of tracking (avoids wrinkles and folds).
  • ▪ It has a multibearing concept, this means creating with the same material, zones with different textures, that is, the blue foam zone will have a firmer texture and the white foam zone will have a softer texture.
  • ▪ Waterproof and breathable cover, covered in hypoallergenic, anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti microbial polyurethane.


  • ▪ Indicated for patients in situations where there is a need to increase stability and improve positioning in the wheelchair, as well as reduce forward sliding.
  • ▪ Patients who are in situations of spinal paralysis, reduced frontal stability, slight postural asymmetries.

Hygiene and Care

  • ▪ Do not immerse in water.
  • ▪ Clean with a damp cloth.
  • ▪ Cover: removable and machine washable up to 95º C.

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