Ortótese Noturna para Tornozelo e Pé (AFO)

Ankle and Foot Night Orthosis (AFO)


AFO Splint

Deliveries up to 3 working days

Ankle and Foot Night Orthosis 

Manufactured by the Orliman Brand, in 4 mm high density polyethylene, it works like a progressive positional splint. It can be used to prevent the equine foot and in situations where there is a need to avoid muscle shortening, especially at the plantar flexor muscles. 


  • Anti slip sole. 
  • Foam inner lining. 
  • Velcro adjustments straps. 


  • Suitable for situations where there is a need to maintain or increase the dorsal flexion angle and for ankle joint control at night. 
  • Prevents plantar flexion by keeping the ankle in a neutral position according to the patient's situation, passively stretching the plantar fascia and calf muscles during the night. 


Foot Lenght and Leg Height in cm 

Lenght: Using a tape, measure from heel to toe. 

Height: Measure laterally. Place the tape just below the knee to the heel. (Ideal not to exceed the knee)

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