Elastic Compression Arm Sleeve Juzo Expert

Elastic Compression Arm Sleeve Juzo Expert


Compression Sleeve

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Elastic Compression Arm Sleeve Juzo Expert

Manufactured by the german brand Juzo® Ref CGR/CGL 3022, a reference in lymphology and scar therapy. This is a compression sleeve designed for lymphedema and lipoedema. Made of mesh and flat stitching with a narrow silicone edge and stitching along the outside of the arm, it is an extremely soft piece that provides excellent compression without sacrificing comfort. Ideal for those using plain mesh for the first time. Its degree of compression is equivalent to Grade II.


  • Its easy to put on and take off, but we still recommend using the Juzo sleeve shoehorn.
  • Silicone edge that helps to better fix the sleeve.
  • Optimal fit for each arm.
  • Flat mesh that allows great freedom of movement.
  • Breathable fabric.
  • Easy maintenance and quick drying.
  • Latex-free and without silicones and softeners.
  • Discreet and comfortable due to flat, elastic seams.
  • Resistant and safe against ointments.


  • Lymphedemas - Occur, for example, following radiotherapy or breast surgery, due to the destruction of lymphatic vessels and lack of lymph nodes.
  • Lipoedema - This is the abnormal accumulation of fat, which can occur at times of hormonal imbalance such as menopause, pregancy or use of contraceptives.
  • Prevention of venous diseases.
  • Known risk factors for thrombosis.

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