Clavicle Immobilizer

Clavicle Immobilizer



Clavicle immobilization

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Clavicle Immobilizer

Manufactured by the brand Orliman Ref. IC-30, this 8-in-1 clavicle immobilizer features significant improvements in its design to provide comfort and convenience. These improvements include the new design of the pad located on the acromion (the most prominent bone in the shoulder), which exerts better, wider and more comfortable pressure on the acromion and also on the delto-pectoral area, in order to distribute that same pressure over the entire joint so that you can obtain a tolerable retropulsion of the shoulders. The underarm area is made up, inside, of microfibers that have been a comfortable padding and allow a correct perspiration. The adjustment rod system, being independent, allows you to position the interscapular pad at the desired height. The microvelcro fasteners can be removed, allowing you to cut the tie to the desired length and put it back on, avoiding the need for sewing.


  • ▪ New design to provide comfort and convenience.
  • ▪ Underarm area with microfiber interior
  • ▪ Independent adjustment tie rod system
  • ▪ Removable microvelcro fasteners


  • ▪ Treatment of clavicle fractures, in situations where there is a need for rest with a certain limit of mobility and avoiding that the force of gravity causes any tension in the ligament capsule, obtaining a correct posture.


  • ▪ Shoulder retraction



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