Mastectomy Bra Anita Tonya 5706



Mastectomy Bra

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Mastectomy Bra Anita Tonya 5706

Anita is a german brand thar stands out for the quality of its products and the rigor of its details. This bra Ref 5706X has padded cups make this the perfect model to wear under tight clothes. Its bilateral bags allow you to keep the prostheses in the correct position, providing comfort and safety in any situation. 


  • ▪ Soft Ribbons on neckline and armhole. 
  • ▪ Air-permeable textile bags. 
  • ▪ Padded straps with fiberfill.
  • ▪ Handles a become wider on larger sizes. 
  • ▪ Back adjustable in 4 positions. 


  • ▪ 65% Polyester. 
  • ▪ 25% Polyamide. 
  • ▪ 10% Spandex. 

Hygiene and Care

  •   Delicate Washing at 30ºC. 
  •   Do not dry clean. 
  •   Do not use substances to whitten fabrics.
  •   Do not Iron. 


Read carefully to choose the most suitable size for your situation, so that there are no constraints on your order. 

Know what size bra you were wearing. If you are mastectomized on one of your breasts, the measure of that bra will help you determine which size and cup of bra you will wear in this new phase. 

For example, if you wore the 36B bra, it will be the same. 

Note that the Anita brand uses the measure of the chest, in centimeters, to measure the sizes. To make it easier, the Loja Ortopédica uses the common size system. Still, if you prefer to be guided by the sizes of the brand, we leave the equivalence table below. 

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