Dorsolombar Spinomed Orthosis

Dorsolombar Spinomed Orthosis


Spinomed Postural Correction

Important: When you purchase this product, you will be contacted by the Loja Ortopédica team to provide instructions on how to adjust the product for use, or to indicate a specialised professional to carry out the adjustment. 

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Dorsolombar Spinomed Orthosis

Manufactured in durable and comfortable materials by the prestigious brand Medi Ref 5669081-5, Spinomed® is a high quality dorsolumbar orthosis designed to provide effective support and stabilization to the spine region. It is specially designed for the treatment of pathologies such as disc herniation, spondylosis, scoliosis, osteoporosis and post-surgical recovery and other pathologies. Medi thinks that the less the device is perceived by the patient, the more easily the patient will use it, which is why it is imperceptible to the patient. Available in 5 sizes and fast delivery to your home. Purchase the Spinomed® strap in Portugal and experience the quality and effectiveness of this state-of-the-art medical device. Improve your quality of life with a brace recommended by 94% of users and regain mobility with the Spinomed® brace.


  • ▪ Innovative Pivot Joint - separates movement of the posterior splint from the hip strap allowing for a secure fit. This means excellent freedom of movement combined with great wearing comfort. Thus, Spinomed® allows the patient to enjoy daily life with greater mobility.
  • ▪ Improved Shoulder Strap System - Ergonomically pre-shaped shoulder straps allow the Spinomed® to be easily put on and off. This improved system activates postural correction as soon as the Spinomed® is placed. And its padded material provides maximum comfort.
  • ▪ Size system - optimized ensures best patient fit.
  • ▪ New design and new material - the padded back covering provides greater comfort in use and efficient control of perspiration.
  • ▪ Structured configuration of the straps and handles on both sides - putting them on is easy and effortless.
  • ▪ Aluminum splint - can be removed for individual adjustment to the curvature of the patient's back.


  • ▪ Bone collapse in the thoracic and lumbar spine due to osteoporosis
  • ▪ Hyperkyphosis with chronic pain
  • ▪ Juvenile Scheuermann's disease


  • ▪ Active postural correction by the biofeedback system
  • ▪ Strengthening abdominal and back muscles
  • ▪ Pain reduction
  • ▪ Improved vital capacity and quality of life


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