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Baby Pillow Type Mimos

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Baby Pillow BUMI by Orthia

Manufactured by the national brand Orthia, it was developed with the purpose of preventing and correcting cranial deformities during the first months of the baby's life. It helps in the correction of plagiocephaly, braguicephaly and scaphocephaly. Composed of Softfeel polyurethane, it maintains its shape throughout the life of the cushion. 


  • Cavity for head support: Maximizes the support surface, reducing and evenly distributing the pressure exerted on the baby's head in a supine position (Belly Up). 
  • Cervical Zone Support: Adapts to the baby's head shape and allows freedom of movement and head rotation, strengthening the neck muscles. 
  • Foam with pressure relieving effect: Made of non-viscoelastic Softfeel polyurethane, it maintains its shape for the entire lifetime. 
  • Ergonomic. 
  • Available with a carrying case. 


  • 3D anti-suffocation fabric that promotes air circulation and allows the baby to breathe. 
  • It contains an extremely thin, waterproof, breathable and extensible film. 
  • Anti bacterial anti-mite treatment guarantees hygienic protection of the fabric. 
  • Removable and washable cover. 
  • Latex free. 


  • It helps in the correction and prevention of cranial deformities such as plagiocephaly, brachycephaly and scaphocephaly on th baby's skull. 
  • Favors baby's sleep. 


  • For prevention, use BUMI from birth, with the baby in a supine position (Belly up).
  • In case of correction, consult a specialist and use the pillow as a complementary measure to the recommended treatment, with the baby in a supine position.  

Advantages over the Mimos pillow

  • Non deformable foam, non viscoelastic (Mimos: Recommended regular turning of the cushion). 
  • Allows removal for washing and easy drying (Mimos: Only piece that has to be washed in full). 
  • Quiet in use (Mimos: Very noisy do to its constitution). 
  • Fabric soft to the touch (Mimos: Fabric has rough texture)
  • A flat part helps in the correct positioning of the baby (Mimos: Because it is oval, there is a greater possibility that the baby will be badly positioned and uncomfortable). 
  • 100% national manufacture (Mimos: Spanish manufacture). 


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