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Professional Soca Wock Nube Hot Gray

Working Clogs Wock Nube Warm Grey


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Working Clogs Wock Nube Warm Grey

Manufactured by the portuguese brand Wock Ref NUBE 10, it was specially designed to ensure excellent non-slip performance provided by the Evergrip rubber present at the base of the clog, allowing its use on all types of surfaces. Its user also has the possibility to enjoy an innovative upper, with a device that allows opening holes that offer additional ventilation, or to close them when they need extra protection against liquid spillage on the tamp.


  • Impact absorption: Special design that helps to mitigate the appearance of micro injuries in tendons, bones and joints, reducing the feeling of tired legs.
  • Non-slip: The sole has been carefully designed to reduce the risk of slipping and falling.
  • Anti-static: The accumulated electrostatic energy is released thanks to the pin dedicated to this effect.
  • ▪ With optional professional insole , which allows you to further increase the comfort of the Nube.
  • ▪ The orange dots on the top of Nube are a system that offers you total protection against liquid spills .
  • ▪ These same orange dots can be removed, leaving the holes open. That way, you can choose between having extra ventilation or extra protection .
  • ▪ Feelite technology, which produces extraordinarily light, resistant and comfortable shoes , gives Nube an extraordinary weight of 350 grams (for a pair size 37).

Areas of Use

  • ▪ For activities that require professionals to stand for many hours and therefore experience fatigue and discomfort in the feet and legs.
  • ▪ Hospitals and Health Institutions.
  • ▪ Hotels and Restaurants.
  • ▪ Geriatric and Physiotherapy Institutions.

Care and Hygiene

  • ▪ Nube clogs can be machine washed, up to 50º C.
  • ▪ Do not use aggressive detergents, solvents or aggressive cleaning products.
  • ▪ To dry, place the clogs in the air, at room temperature, in the shade and in a ventilated environment.
  • ▪ This clog can be damaged with certain oils, such as chloroform, mineral oil and diesel.
  • ▪ It is recommended to wear these clogs with cotton socks, like this one .

Technical specifications

  • ▪ CE certification - CE certificate, directive 89/686/CEE.
  • ▪ EN ISO 20347:2012 - Work footwear for occupational use.
  • ▪ SATRA TM 158:1992 - Wash at 50 °C.
  • ▪ TUV - German Institute that tests and approves the anti-slip and anti-static properties of Wock Nube.
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