Child Strap to Support Anti Equine

Child Strap to Support Anti Equine


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Child Strap to Support Anti Equine 

Manufactured by the brand Orliman® Ref AB01 consists of two components, a strap that is placed just above the malleoli, and a support with a union, anti-sliding, which in turn makes the union between the strap of the malleoli and a hook type anchor that is attached to the laces of the shoe. Both sides are united by an elastic band traction, giving the possibility of adjusting the flexion greater or smaller. The area back of the strap is cushioned with gel in its interior for greater comfort in the zone of the Achilles tendon, the zone of the instep of the foot is lined to prevent friction or any type of compression is not desired.


  • ▪ Paralysis Flaccid or walk pending, resulting from weakness of the muscles (the foot is always tilted down).


  • ▪ Raises the front part of the ante pé, allowing for plantar flexion in the support of the heel when in driving position.
  • ▪ Prevents risk of stumbling, especially in areas where there are rugs or uneven surfaces.

Package contents

  • ▪ 1 Support Strap to the Ankle AB01.
  • ▪ 2 Hooks AB11.
  • ▪ 1 Elastic with traction AB10.
  • ▪ 4 Hooks in the form of S AB13.

Perimeter in cm of the Ankle

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