Elbow Joint Orthosis

Elbow Joint Orthosis


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Elbow Joint Orthosis

Orthosis from the brand Orliman® Ref. TP-6301, composed of a splint for the humerus and the forearm, the elbow joint with the system of regulation of the flexo-extension and the splint palmar, lock, and a guide to setting dimensional, straps of adjustment and closure system with micro hook which can be cut according to the desired length and that they fit the tabs in polyethylene of 1 mm which are in turn joined to a strip padded plastazote on the inside.

  • ▪ Immobilization of the elbow in a certain position.
  • ▪ Greater stability in the fracture, or the central region of the invoice is covered evenly, this is especially important when the fracture is very close to the joint.
Control and mobility
  • ▪ Upon the elbow joint with the system of regulation of the flexo-extension, we can limit the mobility of the same as desired.
  • ▪ Greater protection in the area of the fracture to the external impacts, rotational movements or other physical forces unwanted.


  • ▪ Fractures distal humerus either by trauma, direct or indirect, pathological fractures, surgical treatment of fractures.
  • ▪ Treatment of injuries associated with the elbow joint. As a support of the hand in situations where the fracture is associated with hangs or the other.


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