Polyair anti-Bedsore Air Cushion

POLYAIR Anti-bedsore Air Cushion


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Polyair Anti-bedsore Air Cushion

Manufactured by the Systam brand, it proposes a solution adapted to the prevention of bedsores for users at high and very high risk and effectively contributes to the healing of bedsores. The air is distributed between the cells due to the system of internal ventilated channels, which allow adaptation to all types of morphology, as well as significantly reducing skin pressure. Air circulates outside the cushion through the cells, ensuring good ventilation, reducing the massage effect.


  • ▪ Individual air cells in the form of "beecombs" optimize the contact surface, ensuring maximum stability and prevention.
  • ▪ 2 compartments for better user stability, reducing friction and tracking effects.
  • ▪ Cushion made of Laxprène, a soft, elastic material, which is why the resistance to tearing is much higher than neoprene and polychloroprènes, for a greater durability of the cushion.
  • ▪ It is the only cushion that has a pump with a pressure gauge, for more accurate and effective filling.


  • ▪ Indicated for patients in situations with pressure ulcers - EPUAP Graduation Scale = from 1 to 4.
  • ▪ In situations where there is a high risk of getting pressure ulcers as per the BRADEN, NORTON, WATERLOW tables.
  • ▪ It is also advisable for patients who have a history that when they are sitting they are more likely to develop pressure ulcers.
  • ▪ Patients who are in situations of paralysis of the lower limbs or spine, reduced frontal stability, slight postural asymmetries, vascular amputation.


  • ▪ Height 6 cm: For more active and very mobile patients.
  • ▪ Height 10 cm: For less active and poorly mobile patients.
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