Crane Electrical Transfer Vasily

Crane Electrical Transfer Vasily
Crane Electrical Transfer Vasily


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Orthos XXI

679,00 €

Crane Electrical Transfer up to 150kg Vasily brand Orthos XXI ®, of domestic manufacture and of high quality, with maximum space for the user, provides a transfer to be comfortable whether it be a bed, chair or even the floor. The legs of the base, equipped with double wheels resistant (two with brake), are opened by a lever to simplify the front-access in total security and stability.


Structure in painted steel, allows the adjustment of the legs, so as to facilitate its passage in the local narrow, as well as access to the wheelchair. Is equipped with a motorization stand-alone, actionable by a button offering a large autonomy, as well as has an emergency stop button auto to have any security.


  • Feet of the base with the opening lever, to facilitate the access front in total stability and safety.
  • Double wheels resistant (two with brake).
  • Movement of the arm is guaranteed by an electric motor, equipped with safety system in case of power failure and it powered by 2 batteries of 24 V.
  • Command with buttons to raise and lower the arm and emergency brake automatic.


  • Length: 100 cm.
  • Width with legs closed: 60 cm.
  • Width with legs open: 108 cm.
  • Minimum height of elevation: 77 cm.
  • Maximum lifting height: 164 cm.
  • Approved for users up to 150 Kg.


  • Statements are free only to Continental Portugal.
  • Free delivery only to Mainland Portugal.
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