Staying at home in sheepskin wool slippers? Stay warm and comfortable in winter!

The days are already shorter and colder. Winter is fast approaching!

For this reason, and to accompany the entrance of the new season with sure footsteps, nothing is better than comfortable shoes.

Warm and comfortable in winter? At home with sheepskin slippers, you will never have the feeling of cold feet again!


There are objects or pieces of clothing that we immediately associate with the comfort and well-being of our home. Slippers or slippers are one example.

To choose what to use at home, you should reflect on the following:

  • Will you wear your slippers all day or will you need to take them off your feet more often?
  • Would you rather be warmer and have your feet completely cozy/insulated, or feel more practical?

In any case, there is nothing better than, on a cold day, to be able to exchange our shoes for slippers or slippers that are anatomical and thermal.


The main difference between a slipper and a slipper is that the latter does not cover the heel, and is more like a “soca”.

This type of comfort shoe can be considered more practical, since it is easier to put on and take off during the different moments of everyday life. If this is an important point for you or for the person who will be wearing the slippers, you should not forget to consider the fact that it is an option with more thermal losses!

If you prefer the slipper format, the natural wool of the Cork Oak Slipper in Sheep Wool (available in black e brown) is a great thermal insulator, and in case your house has outdoor space, you can keep these slippers on: the anatomical insole absorbs the impacts of outdoor environments, and the light, flexible sole ensures a very comfortable walk.

However, if being comfortable and warm is the priority, slippers are the ideal model of comfort footwear to be in at home!

In addition to other features, slippers cover the entire foot, including the heel. However, they can be more or less closed, more or less warm depending on the model. Here are the best options.


The shoes made from sheep’s wool are specially designed to keep your feet warm at all times. Its composition with sheep’s wool helps ensure excellent thermal insulation, allowing a perfect combination of comfort and well-being on the coldest days.

However, there are two types of lining that you should consider when choosing a slipper model: synthetic or natural wool.

Either of these linings will be warmer than leather or cloth, so synthetic wool will be an intermediate “level” to natural wool lining. Among the various options on the market, the synthetic wool slipper is one of the most sought-after, since it has a good price-quality ratio and is best suited for different winters.

So if you are looking for a comfortable home shoe model and prefer that it covers your entire foot, the Ash Grey Wool Slippers are a good option in synthetic lining.

Produced by the renowned Portuguese brand Nursing Care, they have a structure (exterior, interior and sole) in synthetic wool, a polyurethanto sole and elegant finishes. If on the other hand you prefer a slipper that does not tuck the entire heel, you can choose the gray cedar wool slipper, also with synthetic wool.

In case you want maximum thermal insulation, natural wool is the choice! Highly protective from the cold, this wool has a very soft touch and superior durability.

The Sabugueiro winter boot in sheepskin is tanned from the original wool without the use of harmful chemicals. Its composition contains leather on the upper and front, lining and insole in natural sheep’s wool. In addition, it has Velcro on the upper part – for a greater opening range and adaptability to all types of foot morphologies and pathologies – and an EVA sole, for reduced weight and agility when walking.

Don’t have any Christmas presents yet? Are you looking for a new comfort shoe?

To be at home or as a gift: slippers, sheepskin slippers, slippers in synthetic wool or natural leather, slippers with or without fur are a great solution. Just know what you are going to use it for and you will quickly arrive at the ideal model.

Order your sheepskin slippers online and get ready for a totally different home comfort experience this winter.

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