Pink October: preventing breast cancer and living after the mastectomy

We have entered October, a month full of symbolism!

The Pink October movement, or Pink October, as it is called in the United States, aims to make the population aware of the importance of prevention in the fight against breast cancer.

In addition, it is intended to generate a wave of solidarity with women who are fighting the disease.

Yes, this is the message. Pink October: preventing breast cancer and living after mastectomy with confidence and sensuality is possible!


Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in Portugal: there are 11 new cases every day, for a total of 6000 new cases of breast cancer per year.

This is one of the diseases with the greatest impact on society, not only because of the health effects it brings, but also because the breast is an organ full of symbolism: both in maternity and femininity.

In the West, pink is considered a feminine color. Thus, it was agreed that a pink ribbon would symbolize solidarity among women fighting breast cancer, while raising awareness about its prevention.

In Portugal, throughout the month of October, different solidarity initiatives take place – promoted mainly by the Portuguese League Against Cancer – in which a pink ribbon is seen as the main symbol.

The main dates to be noted are:

  • October 19 – World Breast Cancer Day
  • October 15 – Breast Health Day
  • October 30 – National Day for Breast Cancer Prevention

After all, knowing the symptoms of cancer, early diagnosis, care, and post-surgery material is key to recognizing and overcoming this disease as effectively as possible.


A mastectomy – partial, simple, radical or preventive – is a necessary and generally effective treatment for breast cancer.

However, it is also a surgical procedure that entails a significant physical change for the woman. A visible asymmetry that can only be disguised with the help of prosthetics, since reconstruction is not always affordable or possible before a period of two years.

In the Orthopedic Store we have a category of products to cater, in particular, to women who have undergone surgery for the treatment of breast cancer, including mastectomy.


We have no doubt that being feminine and feeling attractive and beautiful is possible for those who have had a mastectomy.

From mastectomy bras, breast prostheses, prosthesis swimsuits, and compression material, we have what it takes to restore your feminine glow.

Breast implants – can be bilateral or partial, always with a pleasant and natural appearance, giving you the confidence and security you need. Available in the brands Anita and Serena, they have a very natural design, texture, and feel.

Thinking of the strength of women and their dynamism, we highlight the Anita bilateral sports breast prosthesis. This is ideal for sports, particularly swimming, as its ribbed structure helps water and air drain more easily.

The natural silicone gives it lightness and a soft and malleable, yet sturdy feel, so you feel comfort and confidence during physical activity. Available in pink and blue.Breast cancer and a mastectomy don’t have to mean the end of your active life!

Mastectomy bras – these should be as similar as possible to the ones you used before surgery, comfort being the most important element! The brands Anita and Simel offer sports models, plain colored bras, lacy bras, and post-op models.

In fact, to feel confident, a bra that feels feminine is essential. The lacy models are perfect for making you recover or highlight your sensuality. Bet on a model like the Anita Fleur mastectomy bra, with a lace in the central part and floral motifs on the cups. Comfort and beauty, without reminding you of the disease!

And for the times when you want to be more relaxed? The Lynn Anita mastectomy bra has a reinforced front closure, soft material, and several adjustments. Thus, it is an ideal piece for sleeping or for being completely comfortable in everyday life!

Compression material – the use of elastic arm sleeves is very important after a surgical intervention (mastectomy), as it helps prevent the appearance of lymphatic edema.

Swimsuits for prosthetics – by October it’s officially fall, but that doesn’t mean that some days don’t have true summer temperatures! To get the most out of it, you should choose a model with a design and pattern to your liking that makes you comfortable and confident. Learn more about Anita mastectomy swimsuit and bikini: confident and fun for sure.

At Loja Ortopédica we offer personalized service and a diverse catalog of products for mastectomized women. Don’t hesitate to contact us or visit us at our physical store in Leiria to receive the best recommendations.

Loja Ortopédica ® – We know and have what you need!

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