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Currently, it is estimated that 11 new cases of breast cancer arise every day. This disease is indeed one of the diseases with the greatest impact on society and women, as it affects an organ rich in symbolism in motherhood and femininity. Learn to prevent, detect, treat, and live with breast cancer: understand what it is, its causes and symptoms, types of treatments, and the importance of a preventive approach.

The truth is, when diagnosed and treated early, breast cancer has a cure rate of over 90%. This is a disease with several treatment options, and the most suitable one always depends on the stage of the disease. However, mastectomy is one of the most common treatment options!

In the month of October, dedicated to the fight against breast cancer, we recognize the impact of mastectomy on women. Therefore, we have prepared an article to help you face this surgery and embrace life with confidence, security, and comfort. Learn more about this surgery, post-operative care, and the most suitable products to continue living your daily life normally.

What is a Mastectomy?

Mastectomy is a surgery used to treat breast cancer. Along with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, this surgery is one of the most commonly used treatments for this disease. Fundamentally, it involves the removal – either complete or partial – of the breast for therapeutic purposes.

The mastectomies performed today are primarily:

  • Partial mastectomy (or breast-conserving surgery): when only a portion of the breast is removed. In this surgery, the cancer and a portion of the surrounding tissue are removed, but it is not necessary to remove the entire breast.
  • Total mastectomy: complete removal of the breast, including the areola, nipple, skin, and mammary gland. It is performed when there is no possibility of preserving the breast.
  • Radical mastectomy: In addition to the breast, it is necessary to remove the axillary lymph nodes to reduce the possibility of metastasis development. It is a recurring option in larger tumors or those located near the pectoral muscles.
  • Bilateral mastectomy: both breasts are removed. This surgery is typically chosen when the risk of developing a tumor in the other breast is high or when a woman has a significantly elevated risk of developing the disease, (often due to a genetic mutation).

In which cases is mastectomy recommended?

As we’ve seen, the type of recommended treatment depends on various factors. It’s important to remember that each case of breast cancer is unique, and, therefore, you should have an individual evaluation with your doctor. However, there are some situations in which mastectomy can be a choice. For example, when:

  • The breast tumor is of significant size;
  • Breast-conserving surgery has already been performed, but the disease has not been eradicated;
  • Radiation therapy is not possible;
  • There is a genetic risk factor for breast cancer.

Post-Mastectomy Care

In most cases, post-operative recovery from mastectomy is successful, with no significant complications. On average, full recovery takes between 1 to 2 months, and these are months during which care for the mastectomy area should be doubled. Therefore, it is advisable that:

  • Keep the area clean, using only warm water and mild soap;
  • Stay well-hydrated;
  • Avoid sun exposure;
  • Use bras recommended for this purpose;
  • Pay attention to any signs of infection;
  • Continue with your daily care tasks, as they are part of the recovery process;
  • Dress and undress without forcing the arm on the side that was operated;
  • Maintain a proper and relaxed posture to prevent pain and discomfort.

What products can help me?

Our mission at the Orthopedic Store also includes providing unique moments for mastectomized women. Therefore, we offer a range of products to help you regain your self-esteem with safety and comfort. We want you to always feel beautiful, in every occasion and circumstance of your life. That’s why we’ve thought of a selection of products to help you face the challenges of everyday life with more confidence.

Sports: Keep an active lifestyle

Recovery after a mastectomy is a delicate process, and often, resuming your exercise routine and physical activity can be a significant step in the recovery journey. Staying active not only contributes to physical health but also plays a crucial role in emotional recovery, helping to rebuild confidence and inner well-being.

Prosthesis for Sports

Prosthesis for Sports

Prostheses play a fundamental role in promoting self-confidence and comfort. Developed with lightweight and resilient materials, these prostheses are designed to seamlessly integrate into sports bras, providing a natural and secure feeling during sports activities. In addition to providing symmetry and aesthetic balance, sports prostheses are designed to withstand dynamic movements, ensuring that mastectomized women can enjoy sports with confidence.

The Anita Active Ocean 1086X Bilateral Prosthesis is ideal for sports, including swimming, thanks to its ribbed structure that helps drain water and air. Its special silicone provides it with lightness and a soft yet durable touch that doesn’t compromise body movement.

Sports Bra

Mastectomy Bra

When considering sports activities after mastectomy, it’s essential to invest in specific sports bras. These are designed to provide proper support while minimizing the impact on sensitive tissues. Post-mastectomy sports bras are designed with specific features that cater to the unique needs of women who have undergone this surgery.

The Anita Air Control 5744 Mastectomy Sports Bra is a great option for resuming your active life: besides being very stylish, the bilateral pockets accommodate prostheses perfectly. The soft and stretchy material provides maximum comfort, allowing you to exercise with complete ease and safety.

Beach and pool: Enjoy sunny moments.

Undergoing a mastectomy doesn’t have to be an obstacle to enjoying sunny days by the seaside or at the pool. In this spirit, the swimwear and bikini collection designed for women who have undergone a mastectomy emerges. Therefore, this collection is an invitation for every woman to feel feminine, sexy, and elegant.

Mastectomy swimsuits.

Mastectomy swimsuits

Each bikini in our collection is a celebration of the unique beauty of every woman. With carefully integrated inner pockets, these bikinis offer the freedom to enjoy the beach or pool with renewed confidence. Symmetry and naturalness are priorities, providing an aesthetic appearance that reflects the authenticity of each woman.

The Santa Anna 6505 Anita Mastectomy Bikini, with its vibrant and cheerful color pattern, is a statement of style and self-esteem, reminding us that true beauty comes from within. Feel confident and completely secure to enjoy the hot days without worries.

Mastectomy swimsuits.


Designed to embrace every curve with elegance and comfort, swimsuits provide essential support while enhancing the innate beauty of those who wear them. The built-in internal pockets provide a solid foundation for accommodating breast prostheses, ensuring a symmetric and natural appearance.

The Anita Alva 6211 Mastectomy Swimsuit is simple and elegant, designed for every woman to feel confident and beautiful.

Feel beautiful and comfortable every day

In each day, in the routine of everyday life, the pursuit of comfort and beauty is a priority for every woman. Undergoing a mastectomy in no way diminishes the importance of feeling beautiful and comfortable every day. Therefore, it becomes essential to have a product line to accompany you in your daily life and help you face everyday challenges.


Nipple for prosthesis

The nipple for prostheses is a valuable component in breast cancer recovery, offering not only a natural aesthetic but also realism and femininity. Developed with attention to detail, this nipple is a piece that fits smoothly and comfortably, providing women with the opportunity to regain their shape and self-esteem.

The Anita Nipple for Prostheses is designed to provide an aesthetic solution, but it is also an element that contributes to emotional well-being, helping to restore confidence and a sense of wholeness.


Mastectomy bra

The post-mastectomy journey deserves lingerie pieces that not only offer physical support but also embrace the unique beauty of every woman. The mastectomy bra is a piece specially designed to provide comfort and elegance.

An example of this is the Anita Lynn 5768 Mastectomy Bra, which incorporates discreet pockets for prostheses, ensuring a perfect fit and a natural contour. Made with soft and breathable materials, the mastectomy bra promotes femininity while also prioritizing comfort, promoting a sense of confidence and well-being.

Elastic compression sleeve

Elastic sleeve

The post-mastectomy journey requires special care, and the elastic compression sleeve is a crucial ally in this path. Developed with the sensitivity and unique needs of women who have faced the challenge of breast cancer, this sleeve offers gentleness and support. With gentle compression, it aims to promote proper blood flow, aiding in recovery and daily comfort.

The Juzo Compression Arm Sleeve allows for lymphatic drainage and, through compression and a strong massaging effect, helps maintain reduced arm volume. Therefore, it is designed to provide a secure and gentle fit, embracing the arm comfortably.

Mastectomy bra top

Mastectomy bra top

The Anita 0600 Mastectomy Bra Top is the perfect choice to elevate your confidence and elegance. With the delicacy of lace, the top offers smooth and graceful coverage, making it the ideal choice for low-cut situations. Providing a touch of femininity, this top complements the mastectomy bra, creating a harmonious combination of comfort and elegance.

The Impact on Women

The breast is an integral part of a woman’s figure, symbolizing her femininity. Therefore, when a mastectomy is performed, profound changes in a woman’s self-esteem arise as a result of the alteration in her self-image.

In reality, many women fear that changes in their physical appearance can impact their personal, social, and professional relationships. And these are very challenging emotions to manage, so the support of family and friends is extremely important.

Of course, every person is different, and the way they cope with this journey will also vary However, it’s important to emphasize that there are various support groups for mastectomy patients, where you can share your story and “learn” to cope with the illness.

Breast Reconstruction: What is it?

Did you know that breast reconstruction is an option? This is a surgery where, as the name suggests, the removed breast is reconstructed, aiming to achieve symmetry with the unaffected breast. There are different techniques that allow for it, including implants or prostheses, and it may be necessary to use one’s own body tissues: skin, muscle, and fat can be transferred to the chest from the abdomen, back, and buttocks. The plastic surgeon uses these tissues to construct the shape of the breast.

Breast reconstruction can be done during the mastectomy or after the breast removal. However, if you are considering breast reconstruction, you should talk to the surgeon even before the mastectomy. The most suitable type of breast reconstruction for each woman depends on age, body type, and the type of surgery performed.

Living after Mastectomy

The post-mastectomy journey is marked by resilience, courage, and the ongoing pursuit of well-being. In moments when life demands comfort, confidence, and beauty, products designed for women who have undergone a mastectomy are more than mere accessories; they are an expression of care and support.

At Loja Ortopédica, we believe that self-acceptance is the most beautiful form of strength. Allow yourself to embrace each day with courage, knowing that with the right choice of products, it is possible to feel comfortable, confident, and elegant. We celebrate the unique beauty that resides in every woman, inspiring her to live life to the fullness she deserves. Therefore, we strive every day to help face breast cancer with courage, strength, and hope! Always seek advice, of course, with help of a healthcare professional.

We are always available through our Customer Support or on our social media channels.

We know and have what you need!

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