Grandparents’ Day Special – Return the love to those who never stop giving it

They are the best cooks, they give the best cuddles, and they don’t know the word “no.” Do you know who we are talking about?

The truth is that grandparents are made of the best that life has: love that never grows old and wisdom that never ends. The day to celebrate them is approaching, and so the love is all for them! There is no better way to thank them and show that we care about their well-being than by being present on this day. Still, it is normal that you feel there is always more to do for them.

In this sense, the Orthopedic Store has prepared a selection of products that help improve the daily life of grandparents, making it easier, safer, and more comfortable. Get to know some of these products in this article.


It is natural that the process of walking becomes more and more difficult with advancing age. Walking aids are products developed to support the gait and balance of the elderly, so that they can move with confidence, dexterity, and independence. These products are varied and range from the classic cane to the Electric Scooter.

To mark this day, you can renew your grandparents’ walking aid by offering them a useful gift that will not leave them indifferent. If you don’t know which one to choose, we advise you to read the article “3 essential equipment for people with reduced mobility“.

Get to know some examples:

401 Stamped Aluminum Adjustable Cane

This wooden walking stick is synonymous with strength and lightness. With a height adjustment system, it adapts to each user. A walking aid to provide security when walking.

Foria A3 Lifting Walker

Besides being a great walking aid, this walker is great for support when standing up, making it easy to go from sitting to walking comfortably and safely. Foldable and collapsible, it is an aid for easy transport and storage.

Invacare Leo Scooter

This scooter was designed to translate independence. With maximum safety and elegance, it gives users the freedom and confidence to enjoy their essential daily outings.


If, on the other hand, you want to offer footwear, you will find, in the Ortopédica Store, a wide range of comfortable footwear, perfectly adaptable to the foot. The elderly are people with sensitive feet who deserve all the care they can get when choosing footwear. Therefore, opt for models that increase walking comfort and adapt to the anatomy of the foot, bringing a sense of security and confidence, and avoiding problems related to falls, pain, and injuries.

Check out the examples below:

Sandal Arcopédico Hera

If you are looking for a combination of elegance and incomparable comfort, this is the right choice. With anatomical sole and comfort insole, it perfectly accommodates the foot. The buckle on the back brace increases stability and comforts the ankle in the most convenient way, increasing walking confidence.

Diabetic Shoe Drift

Designed especially to protect and care for delicate or at-risk feet – a normal pathology for people with diabetes. A shoe that will give the wearer the utmost security and elegance.


For the elderly, living their daily lives more independently and more safely is an important step toward a higher quality of life. Find below products that aim to improve your grandparents’ day-to-day life, providing them with greater comfort and well-being. Opt for a different gift but one that is sure to leave a smile on your grandparents’ faces.

Here are some examples:

Polar Frost Cold Gel

Used mainly to treat soft tissue injuries, muscle tension, rheumatism, and tired legs. With anti-inflammatory effects, it helps to keep the skin soft during treatment, penetrating quickly into the skin and relieving pain effectively.

AD Rest Sock with Toe Cap Calypso 9015

Prevent tired, swollen legs and varicose veins with a sock that is distinguished by its beauty and versatility. The sock exerts a graduated pressure through a continuous anti-fatigue massage that, because of its softness to the touch and its smooth pattern, becomes almost a “second skin”.

Exercise Pedal

Used to perform rehabilitation exercises or exercise the muscles of the extremities and improve blood circulation. It allows you to regulate the resistance of the exercise, thanks to its central screw.

Providing comfort and well-being to your grandparents has never been easier. Explore these and other Orthopedic Store items, and if you need help, please feel free to contact us.

Happy Grandparents’ Day!

Loja Ortopédica ® – We know and have what you need!

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