How does the bunion corrector work? Learn how to prevent and minimize discomfort

Hallux Valgus, commonly known as a bunion, is the most recurrent deformity of the foot.

In these cases, a deviation in the positioning of the big toe (hallux) is observed, associated with rotation of this toe and the corresponding instep bone. This deformity can lead to pain and inflammation, sometimes very disabling.


The appearance of a bunion cannot be associated with a single cause.
There are several factors that contribute to the change in the position of the fingers:

  • familial or hereditary
  • foot type/shape
  • tight, closed, pointy-shaped and/or high-heeled shoes
  • traumas

Usually, it is the combination of these variables that causes or accelerates the onset and worsening of hallux valgus.


The symptoms and observation of bunions vary depending on the hallux deviation, but it is possible to identify their development with the occurrence of:

  • Pain when walking;
  • Swelling of the finger joint;
  • ▪ Deviation of the affected finger relative to the other, smaller fingers;
  • Alteration in the shape of the foot, with the formation of a bulge at the side of the foot;
  • Dry, red (inflamed) skin in the affected area;

If you identify any of these symptoms, the diagnosis should be made by an Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Specialist.

Through observation of the foot, footwear and gait, as well as x-rays, you can confirm the bone deformity.


First of all, bunion treatment must begin with the adaptation of footwear.

The choice of comfortable comfortable and anatomical and anatomical footwear in the correct size is essential.
Furthermore, understanding that hallux valgus is progressive and irreversible, the focus should be on delaying its evolution as much as possible and alleviating the symptoms.

Thus, a bunion protector, which can be for the hallux or the 5th toe will protect the bunion prominence and relieve pressure, reducing pain and preventing rubbing on the bony prominence.

Already products like a finger spacer/ gel toe spacer to put between the toes, or a bunion corrector, have as main objective to delay the progression of the problem.

How does the bunion corrector work?

The main function of the bunion corrector is, as the name implies, to force the affected finger back into the correct position.
Usually designed to position the hallux, the correctors are composed of an elastic band that wraps around the instep and a toe or splint that will exert traction until the desired positioning is achieved.

The broker model must be chosen according to the type of use, which can be daytime or night use, as well as medical recommendation. In the case of post-surgery, for example, the Hallux Valgus Nocturnal Corrector tends to be recommended as a form of prevention and positioning of the toe.

In the case of daytime use, it is important to analyze the type of shoe, since it must comfortably accommodate the foot and the volume of the straps/belt. However, this does not mean that a concealer cannot be worn during the summer, with open shoes or sandals, in an equally aesthetic way. For this, there are products such as Juzo Hallux-Valgus Tape Loops which are non-adhesive, non-aggressive to the skin, very easy and practical to apply.

If these solutions are no longer sufficient or effective in relieving the pain, surgical intervention may be necessary. This surgery is indicated for situations in which the discomfort and pain are accentuated, and not only for aesthetic cases, without symptoms.


  • Avoid wearing tight, high-heeled, or narrow-toed shoes. These deform and force the normal position of the foot;
  • Whenever possible, prefer open slippers or other comfortable shoes that do not cause friction on the inflamed area;
  • Use orthopedic pads, or splints – advised by the orthopedist – to distribute and relieve the weight of the body under the foot and affected area;

Fortunately, there are several ways to take care of bunions!

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