Cold and confinement: 5 essentials for comfort and well-being at home

We went through a very cold month of January, with negative temperatures.
In addition, with the imposition of a new period of confinement and duty of home confinement – due to the Covid-19 pandemic – it is essential to ensure maximum comfort at home.

We present to you five essential products that will help you maintain your temperature and relieve discomforts arising from body postures, so that health and well-being always come first.


There are objects or pieces of clothing that we immediately associate with the comfort and well-being of our home. Slippers or slippers are one example. There is nothing better than, after a day of working outside in sub-zero temperatures, being able to exchange our footwear for some warm, anatomical slippers. In the case of telecommuting due to confinement, which despite being in an environment with controlled temperature implies several hours stopped in the same position, it is very important to have shoes that keep your feet always warm.


When you sleep on your side, two things happen to your body: on the one hand, your hips rotate, and on the other hand, your lower back twists. Over time, this position can be harmful and cause posture problems. A Comfy Pillow creates a space that allows the hips to straighten and the spine to align completely.

Comfy Pillow – a pillow with memory

The Comfy Pillow has an ergonomic, curved design that naturally adapts to the position of the legs, preventing posture problems. In addition, the knee pad is made of memory foam that, in practice, memorizes and retains its shape.

Breathable and hypoallergenic

The Comfy Pillow knee pillow was developed with hypo-allergenic material, which is easy to wash and breathable, so it does not transmit heat. This same material allows both the pillow and your body to breathe, offering you a restful sleep.

A Grey Ash Wool Slippera unisex model from a national brand, is an excellent option. If you prefer the slipper format, the natural wool of the Sheep Wool Slipper is a great thermal insulator and, in case your house has outdoor space, you can keep these slippers on: the anatomical insole absorbs the impacts of outdoor environments and the light, flexible sole guarantees a very comfortable walk.


Surely you will have heard of cherry face pillows. Its benefits and therapeutic properties are recognized and applied from infants to the elderly. Because they have a fast, high, and long-lasting heat retention capacity, these pads, which mold perfectly to the body, are especially suitable for the treatment and relief of muscle pain. But did you know that they can also be used, for example, to relieve a baby’s colic, when placed on his belly and used for a light massage?

Because of its versatility, the Cherry Pitted Pillowis, without a doubt, a product to have at home. Just pop it in the microwave for a few minutes while you prepare some tea, and you’re done! You can sit comfortably on the couch, enjoying a family evening, while staying warm with the cherry face pillow. Then, take it to bed so that when you go to bed, you won’t feel any temperature differences!


No, they haven’t disappeared or gone “out of style” yet! In fact, these bags are still widely used for therapeutic purposes. And, of course, a good Lined Hot Water Bag is indispensable to combat the harsh winters: place it on the bed for comfort and well-being. Never again will you have to feel the unpleasant sensation of cold sheets on your body.


Some people are not comfortable with heating systems, for example, because they dry out the air. Thus, it is not always easy to ensure that a night’s sleep starts without the cold feeling in the bedroom and bed. A solution for quick, easy and practical heating is the heating blanket . Security of this type of heating is also an added advantage to your comfort: with 4 temperature levels, it automatically shuts off after 90 minutes of use. And if cold or body postures have been giving you muscle pain, this type of blanket can help relieve it and has therapeutic benefits!


Winter, as well as the current pandemic situation and confinement, provide greater sedentariness. We spend more time than ever at home, and whether working or relaxing, it is easy for us to adopt inappropriate postures. The Lumbar Orthia Lumbar Support Pillow is an essential product for the relief of lower back pain and indicated for situations of prolonged lumbar muscle tension, such as telecommuting, because it molds perfectly to the spine and promotes better posture.

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