Articulated beds: rent or buy?

Buy or rent articulated beds. What will be the best option? The answer will depend on the context the person is in and what he or she values most. For a situation that is expected to be temporary, renting is a good option, but for a situation that is indefinite or likely to extend over the long term, buying proves to be a better option.

If in doubt about the recovery time for the person who needs articulated beds, seek advice from the health care professionals who care for them.

Articulated bed rental

Usually, renting articulated beds pays off for short – medium term use. If recovery is expected within 6 months, this is a recommended option. Beyond that duration the purchase will be more rewarding.

There is always the risk that the person will not want to change beds because they are used to their old bed. Or you may be afraid that you don’t fit the articulated bed and don’t want to spend money on buying it. Thus, renting may be a good choice.

Manual articulated bed


As we have seen, the purchase of orthopedic beds is recommended for longer recoveries and situations of need. But buying an articulated bed is an investment in comfort and safety, which is very important in these situations.

A hospital bed is an essential support for the person and a bet on their autonomy. It is at the same time a facilitator for families or caregivers when it comes to hygiene or serving meals in bed.

The purchase is always a wise choice, since it is a bet on quality of life. Plus, it will save money over time, as recovery can take time, and the person may adapt to their bed and not want to trade it for anything.

Later, if the person no longer needs the articulated bed, there is the possibility of selling it. Used articulated beds are in great demand.


When buying or renting an orthopedic bed, you need to take into consideration the characteristics of the patient, the caregiver, and the space in which the bed will be placed.

Consider whether the equipment has the functions that the person’s clinical situation requires. Keep in mind the amount of time the user will spend in bed, the user’s weight on the bed, and that person’s degree of mobility.

Also analyze whether the caregiver will have problems turning the bed user because he or she has physical limitations, such as back problems. It is best to have a more flexible bed model in this case.

Finally consider the dimensions of the bed and the room where it will be inserted. Will the space have outlets nearby for an electric bed? Or will the bed have wheels to help the person move around?

Electric Lift Bed

For any questions about hospital beds contact the professionals at Loja Ortopédica.

There are several types of articulated beds, from manual to electric or lift (100% electric). Find out the real needs of the person who is going to use the articulated bed, think about his or her satisfaction, and choose the system that guarantees the deserved comfort and ease of use.

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