Cancer symptoms, early diagnosis, post-surgery care and supplies.

The exponential increase of COVID-19 cases in Portugal has put the SNS under pressure, as well as imposed the issue on the media agenda.

More than ever, it is important that we all take responsibility in containing the pandemic evolution. But that we also predispose ourselves to know the reality of other diseases. Requests for help to the Portuguese League Against Cancer, for example, grew by 30% with the pandemic.

Cancer Symptoms and Early Intervention

The mortality rate in cancer patients has risen relative to 2019. Experts stress that patients arrive at hospitals in more advanced stages, with greater degrees of cancer development, because they delay seeking health care by identifying the first symptoms of cancer.

However, and even though they can sometimes be silent, the signs and symptoms of cancer always show themselves eventually. Colorectal cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and lung cancer are the most frequent types of cancer in Portugal.

Know and be aware of some of the signs. Seek medical help as soon as you identify any of these symptoms:

  • a palpable mass (tumor), anywhere in the body
  • persistent lumps or stiffness in the breast, visible with or without palpation
  • changes (color or size) or ulcerations in warts or moles
  • appearance of a new mole on the skin
  • feeling weak or tired for no known reason
  • difficulty breathing, hoarseness, or persistent cough
  • difficulty swallowing
  • frequent difficulty or poor digestion
  • changes in digestive and renal function
  • weight loss or weight gain, for no known reason
  • non-healing of wounds
  • alteration in bowel or urinary habits
  • unusual bleeding, discharge, or secretions for no known reason

Early Diagnostic Tests and Cancer Types

An early diagnosis will allow you to start this fight against cancer as quickly and effectively as possible. The decision to start a routine diagnostic examination is individual, but very important. Considering the most frequent types of cancer in Portugal, they are several early diagnostic tests availableThese include mammograms for breast cancer, pap smears for cervical cancer, CT scans of the chest for lung cancer, PSA testing for prostate cancer, and colonoscopies for colon and rectal cancer. Similarly, imaging tests, such as ultrasound, X-ray and MRI, as well as blood and urine tests can be critical to understanding the source of symptoms and early diagnosis of cancer.

Cancer treatment and post-surgery care

In the month that marks World Cancer Day on February 4, 2021, the Orthopedic Store stresses the importance of identifying cancer symptoms early and seeking treatment and care at an early stage of cancer. For those who are fighting this fight against cancer, our best form of support will be to offer the best post-surgery products. For example, equipment such as crutches and crutches or, for specific situations such as a conservative mastectomy – removal of part of the breast tissue – a a post-mastectomy bra or even breast prostheses .

Breast cancer: post-surgery care and material

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in Portugal: there are 11 new cases every day, for a total of 6000 new cases of breast cancer per year. Thus, in the Orthopedic Store we have a category of products to cater, in particular, to women who have undergone surgery for the treatment of breast cancer. In the Mastectomy category you will find: compression material (very important to prevent lymphatic edema), breast prostheses, prosthesis swimsuits, and mastectomy bras.

The choice of bra models depends on the type of surgery performed. So if you have undergone a conservative mastectomy and reconstruction there is a wide range of models whose focus is on comfort and which will simultaneously make you feel confident.


At an early stage, the Post-Operative Bra with Belt 1095 will be indicated for support and compression and to maintain the correct positioning of the breast. By enabling controlled compression in the scar areas, it favors the healing process and prevents the appearance of marks and skin irritations due to the cut and the materials used. If you are undergoing radiation therapy, you should consider a bra with comfortable straps and extremely soft fit, to soothe and relax hypersensitive skin, such as the Post-Radiotherapy Bra 5310.

A non-wired, cotton bra, an essential piece of comfort, will always be the most suitable for use between two to three months after the treatments (or as indicated by the doctor). From a sportier model – like the Mastectomy Sports Bra 5300X – to a more detailed one – for example the Versailles 5777X Anita Mastectomy Bra -the important thing will be that you feel comfortable and confident: it’s part of the recovery process.

Afterwards, and depending on the surgical intervention, you can opt for a bra model with underwires.

The choice of a bra or prosthesis is crucial. If you make the wrong choice you can bring even more complications and harm your health: a bra in the wrong size does not guarantee adequate support and an inadequate prosthesis affects the body posture, also giving an unnatural appearance. So please do not hesitate to contact us to ensure the best products in your recovery.

Identifying and acting early on the disease is key to survival. Seeking the best care and complementary products to your health treatment is essential to regain your normal routine and life.

World Cancer Day

On February 4th 2021, World Cancer Day, we take this opportunity to share the initiative of the Portuguese League Against Cancer and the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) which, this year, want to encourage small, meaningful actions for a healthier future: “21 Days to Change“.

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