Bathing suit and mastectomy bikini Anita: confident and fun!

Summer is coming and, with it, the bathing season.

We all feel like putting on our swimsuits and taking advantage of the free moments to relax by the sea. But this is not always a simple plan.

For a woman who has undergone a mastectomy, it can create great anxiety and insecurity.

At Loja Ortopédica, you will find the essential swimsuits and bikinis to feel confident and comfortable this summer.


Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in Portugal: there are 11 new cases every day, for a total of 6000 new cases of breast cancer per year.

Thus, knowing the cancer symptoms, early diagnosis, post-surgery care and material is fundamental to recognize and overcome this disease as effectively as possible.

In the Orthopedic Store we have a category of products to cater, in particular, to women who have undergone surgery for the treatment of breast cancer, including mastectomies.


A mastectomy – partial, simple, radical or preventive – is a necessary and generally effective treatment for breast cancer.

However, it is also a surgical procedure that entails a significant physical change for the woman. A visible asymmetry that can only be disguised with the help of prosthetics, since reconstruction is not always affordable or possible before a period of two years.


For all these reasons, when summer arrives, the insecurities or bad memories associated with the period of illness intensify. There is greater exposure of the body, particularly at the beach.

The Anita’s prosthetic swimsuits are designed to help regain confidence and go back to living life without shame or embarrassment. They are unique swimsuits in comfort and beautyhave two bilateral scholarships that help hold the prosthesis in place and adjust the other breast, giving a security extra in all situations.

Comfort, quality and trend-sensitive design

Comfort is about how the garment is produced and fits the body, but also about how it makes us feel.

Identifying with the model or print is also a very important contribution to your self-esteem and to enjoying a day at the pool or beach to the fullest.

With the new Mexicali Anita Mastectomy Bikini for example, you will be able to express all your personal style, with a modern, fun print pattern and original details. You don’t have to go through that feeling that you are wearing an orthopedic or “medical” product. At the same time, Lycra Xtra Life technology will promote greater resistance to wear and shape loss.

What about the model? O Merritt 6288 Anita Mastectomy Swimsuit features a very pronounced back neckline, coupled with a bold, eye-catching pattern in strong colors. A proof that with the right construction, it is possible to be comfortable and safe!

Already the Bathing Suit for Mastectomy Prostheses Vera Anita Ref. 6263 distinguishes itself by having a high neckline and full lining in the chest area, in order to cover any scar after surgery. Its composition includes Rayon to help dissipate heat and thus increase comfort.

With practice and habit everything is achieved, but it doesn’t have to be just that!

A mastectomy forces a daily adaptation to the new body. Using prosthetics is also a matter of practice and habit.

However, the design and mold of the swimsuit or bikini bra must be constructed in such a way as to perfectly accommodate the prosthesis. If volume, weight and comfort have not been well considered, the woman will feel uncomfortable or insecure.

Likewise, the types of materials used should be light, adjustable, and comfortable.

The swimsuit or bikini must be adjustable to you, not the other way around!


  1. Comfort
  2. Fit/adaptability to the body
  3. Resistance to shape
  4. Favorite model: bathing suit, bikini or triquini
  5. Neckline type
  6. Whether or not you have scars that you want to disguise
  7. Uni- or bilateral bags for prostheses
  8. Fabric, composition and associated technology

Meet the new Anita swimsuit collection and be prepared to make the most of this summer!

Loja Ortopédica ® – We know and have what you need!

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