Comfortable safety shoes: the new Wock Securlite clogs

The importance of professional footwear is undeniable. Whether for safety, comfort, or hygiene reasons, the fact is that there are several professional areas in which it is not possible to do a good job without being properly equipped.

For this reason, the Ortopédica Store has just added a new product to its wide range of footwear for professionals.

If you are looking for comfortable safety shoes, the new Wock Securlite clogs are just what you need. Have no doubts: get to know this model and all the reasons why they are the best protective footwear.


Securlite punches are Wock’s most anticipated model: the combination of strength and lightness makes this punch a very surefire choice.

Designed for harsh working environments and different areas such as the food industry (restaurants…), agri-food industry (for example butchers and fishmongers) and the logistics and warehouse sectors, this clog is made of EVA (a polymer), has a composite toecap and an antistatic pin made of thermoplastic SEBS.

The sturdy safety toecap, non-slip sole, closed heel, and light, washable, odor-eliminating material distinguish it from other footwear on the market.


These clogs are very complete, standing out for the perfect compromise between comfort and lightness with the maximum safety they provide:

1 – Lightness: always consider the weight!

This is one of the main elements to pay attention to when choosing professional footwear.

The working hours are long. Especially if you have to spend much of the hours on your feet.

Thus, by opting for lightweight safety shoes you will be preventing the feeling of fatigue and heaviness in your feet and legs.

The new Securlite clogs are made of a super-light material in order to reduce fatigue: they weigh 550gr for a pair in size 37.

2 – Ensure support and stability for your feet and body

The right footwear provides support or, as they say, is “supportive” to the foot.

Wock’s new model has a closed heel for better agility and allows you to maintain a correct posture. Additionally, you can choose to use an insole.

3 – Security: make sure you minimize all risks

Everyday life is demanding, and work activity often forces you to pass through wet areas, freshly washed or with slippery residues on the floor.

Thus, the materials, designs, and technologies of footwear must actively contribute to the prevention of occupational accidents.

Securlite clogs are guaranteed to have a non-slip sole, are antistatic, have a safety toe cap that withstands impacts of up to 200 joule, and extra protection against particulates.

4 – Easy maintenance and cleaning

Making sure that you meet all the necessary hygiene requirements and standards in your professional activity also involves the equipment you use.

The new Wock Securlite clogs are machine washable up to 50 degrees and cold sterilizable with chlorine.

Finally, you have to consider that there is no quality without durability. This, in turn, also implies correct and easy maintenance. The only precautions to take with these clogs are not to use harsh or corrosive detergents, and to store them in a shady place at a mild temperature.


“Real people, who live their work to the fullest. Who always try to look good to do better. Therefore, we are for the well-being and in favor of smiling (…) with less tiredness and with more sense of mission accomplished.

This is the manifesto of the Portuguese shoe brand Wock, which has been awarded and distinguished with the best awards in the industry and different areas of activity.


The new Wock Securlite is now available for order in the Orthopedic Store.

We have summarized all the reasons why you should not wait any longer to take yours to work:

  • Versatile, yet ideal for challenging work environments;
  • Lightweight safety shoes: the most balanced solution, combining lightness with maximum safety;
  • Available in two colors, black and white, in sizes 36 to 46.
  • Made in Portugal: the quality of a brand recognized with several awards and the pride of supporting the national industry;
  • Exclusive discount: the best price-quality ratio! Only until July 31, 2021, take advantage of the 10% discount on this model on online purchases.

Loja Ortopédica ® – We know and have what you need!

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