Pregnancy girdles: when to use and how to choose?

As the time of pregnancy progresses, the physical transformations in a woman’s body are increasingly noticeable. The belly grows and, with it, the anticipation to meet the new member of the family!

But they can also increase discomfort and pain in the lower back and lumbar area. If you are in this situation, it may be time to choose a pregnancy belt or sash.

But how to know when to use pregnancy belts and how to choose the most suitable one? We help you understand.


There is no set time to start wearing a pregnancy belt. Just as no two pregnancies are the same, the choice and timing of when to start will always depend on the woman.

However, it is possible to estimate that from 20 weeks of pregnancy, due to the growth of the belly, the need to support it and reduce the muscle tension caused on the back will arise.

In addition to this, there are also situations in which girdles or bands can help to resolve complications in pregnancy.

In either case, a recommendation from your doctor is essential.


The choice of pregnancy belt should be made with your and your baby’s comfort as the main factor.

If in the first phase you may feel comfortable with just a sash, in the final stage of pregnancy (and depending on the growth of the belly) it may be necessary to opt for a girdle.

1. Pregnancy Range

This can be a way to prevent the onset of lower back and pelvic pain during this “state of grace” by acting preventively.

So choosing a pregnancy belt should take into account its size (you can refer to the number/size of pants you wear), the ease of placement, the possibility of individual adjustment (in order to keep up with the growth of the belly), and the type of support it offers. You should also opt for a band that contains elastane in its composition, for greater comfort and adaptability. The Simel Pregnancy Belt, approved in clinical tests and available in four sizes, could be the model you are looking for!

2. Pregnancy Underpants (Maternity Underpants)

Being an extension of the underwear, this type of belt is very discreet, comfortable, and versatile.

You should choose a model that follows the growth of the belly, providing support for the belly and back, without compressing or generating discomfort. To do this, it is essential to choose the size that is right for you and a fabric composed of elastane, as is the case with the model Pregnancy Strap Panty 1502.

If you feel you need more lumbar support, you should choose a belt that has a comfortable reinforcement or support band. With a more classic design, the BabyPanty 1759 Pregnancy Girdle offers support and has great elasticity, and can also be used postpartum.

3. Pregnancy Belt

If the pregnancy belt helps with lower back pain, but you feel the weight of your belly a lot and crave more comfort, the time will have come to choose a complete solution and opt for a belt.

In the election you should consider the ease of placement and adjustability to the different weeks of pregnancy, i.e. to the increasing volume of the belly. Therefore, it is important that the closure be practical (Velcro is one of the best options) and the composition of the fabrics, which should be soft and elastic. The BabyBelt 1708 Pregnancy Belt, for example, has a flexible and ergonomic integrated belt that adapts to movement and provides excellent support for the belly.


In general, pregnancy belts have been carefully developed to ensure the support and comfort that is indispensable during pregnancy. So, to be able to choose among the various models on the market, analyze:

  • Comfort they offer
  • Ease of placement
  • Size to fit your body
  • No compression or discomfort
  • Individual adjustability
  • Lumbar and abdominal support
  • Elasticity/Composition of the fabrics (elastic and soft): they should go on widening as the belly grows, thus ensuring that there is no excess pressure on the baby, nor harm to blood circulation.

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