Male urinary incontinence: symptoms, treatment and solutions

Urinary incontinence also affects men. However, out of shame, they tend to hide their pathology.

No, it is not necessary for everyone to know that you suffer from this pathology.

However, recognizing your symptoms and knowing which are the best products for urinary incontinence is a way to maintain an active and unrestricted life, with maximum discretion!

In this article we address male urinary incontinence and introduce essential products for men.


According to the Prostate Institute, male urinary incontinence is characterized by the loss of urine, which can be associated with several conditions.

In general, leaks can be due to intrinsic urinary sphincter deficiencies, post-traumatic, post-surgical situations, bladder pathologies (overactive bladder or decreased bladder capacity), or arise as a result of prostate problems.

There is no exact age at which the first symptoms appear. However, among men, urinary incontinence is more common at ages over 45-50 years old, with the number of cases over 70 years old standing out.

Considering genetic predisposition as a major risk factor, the probability of having urinary incontinence problems increases further as a result of several factors:

  • Advanced Age
  • Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS)
  • Infections
  • Cognitive, functional, or neurological changes


In the case of men, urinary incontinence may be associated with a number of other urinary complaints. Approximately one-third of men have LUTS (lower urinary tract symptoms) by age 50, with the percentage increasing to more than half by age 80.

Lower urinary tract symptoms are classified as symptoms of:

  1. Emptying

These obstructive symptoms can range from delayed or strained urination, to intermittent urination, and even acute urinary retention.

  1. Storage

Storage symptoms are the result of bladder changes and correspond to the urgent urge to urinate, the incontinence associated with this sudden urge, the increased frequency of urination, and the increased number of times one urinates during the night.

  1. Post-mictional

If you feel that you have not completed bladder emptying or you drip after urination, then you have post-micturition symptoms of urinary incontinence.


As with any other pathology, diagnosis and treatment will have to be recommended by a specialist – in this case, in urology.

Thus, the treatment will vary according to the type and degree of incontinence evolution, distinguishing as invasive and non-invasive.

Surgery and pelvic rehabilitation (with physical therapy, Kegel exercises, the use of electrostimulation, and biofeedback) are some of the main treatments prescribed.

However, as a complementary and even preventive treatment, some changes in routines and habits are highly recommended, such as a correct diet, losing weight, or quitting smoking. In some patients, the improvement of complaints can also be achieved through the use of drugs.

In any case, and regardless of the prescribed treatments, the use of incontinence p ads provides effective protection against mild and moderate urine leakage.

In other words, they represent a way to re-establish quality of life and self-esteem, since the symptoms of male urinary incontinence can significantly limit day-to-day activities and affect well-being.


These are the most important factors to take into account:

  • choose high-quality products;
  • take into consideration the degree of incontinence, to choose the right degree of absorption;
  • opt for discreet and ergonomic designs;
  • offer maximum comfort;
  • ensure protection against wetting;
  • odor neutralizer;
  • air permeability;
  • ease of use – it should resemble a piece of underwear.

Below we highlight 2 products that can be considered essential for men with urine leakage.


If you are a man, or know someone who suffers from urinary incontinence, then these products are essential to help you feel safe and in control.

1 – Incontinence pads

The Molicare Men Pad incontinence pad, manufactured by the Hartmann brand, features the latest quality standards on the market.

Specially designed for men, it features a Dry Plus fluid delivery layer with an antibacterial effect and neutral pH, which helps keep skin dry and healthy on a daily basis. Indicated for urine leakage and as post-operative care in prostate surgeries, it has a special anatomical shape for the perfect fit to the male anatomy.

Dermatologically tested, it guarantees comfort and safety in your daily activities.

Consider also the Molicare Active Men’s Dressing, also with a special anatomical shape.

2 – Boxers or briefs fixing

Molicare Dressing Fixing Boxer, keeps the dressing always in the correct position, for greater comfort, safety and discretion.

Lightweight, soft and air-permeable, the fastening panty is unisex for all types of incontinence pads, suitable for bedridden and active patients.

These boxers are washable up to 50 times and are available in various sizes.


Just as important as the medical follow-up is to know how to identify which products will make the day-to-day life of those who live with this problem easier. That is, what are the solutions for male urinary incontinence.

In addition to pads and fixation boxers, utilities such as pads and other incontinence accessories are developed to ensure the utmost comfort and confidence, returning freedom to routines!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a dedicated team that can advise you at any time.

Live without barriers! Enjoy your life to the fullest.

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