How to choose hospital chairs for the elderly

It is natural that with advancing age elderly people lose their mobility and spend most of the day sitting and, in some cases, lying down.

Many of them complain of back pain, lean over or slide in their chair where they sit in search of the best position, while others even prefer to go to bed because they can’t stand the pain in their joints. And this is not correct, because there are hospital chairs on the market that are very comfortable and can be the solution for the day-to-day life of an elderly person.

Learn how to choose hospital chairs for the elderly and take care of the health and comfort of your loved ones.

Pay attention to the comfort of your hospital chair

Electric Armchair (Invacare) with Relaxation Position – Leg Elevation and Backrest Reclining

The best hospital chair is the one that is most comfortable for the person using it. If it is not comfortable for her, all the other aspects/features are of little value and not much use.

The most appropriate hospital chair/chair – and here there are several options to choose from, such as hospital armchairs for resting and hospital armchairs for lifting, among other equipment and extras – is the one that will reduce the time the elderly person spends in bed and consequently bring him/her a better quality of life.

This mobility support equipment turns out to be an excellent ally for those who suffer from this type of problem, since it offers them greater autonomy and a sense of usefulness, but also for their relatives, since it gives them a greater sense of security with theirs.

Keep in mind that all characteristics must be adjusted

Please note that when choosing hospital armchairs for the elderly, the characteristics of this equipment must be adjusted to the needs of the patients over time. The width of the seat should, for example, be readjustable to the size of the elderly person, regardless of whether he or she gains or loses weight.

Thus, the elderly person always sits correctly in a hospital armchair and thereby improves his or her posture.

Consider purchasing a hospital armchair on wheels

Exotic Electric Geriatric Armchair Orthos XXIExcellent option for a greater mobility.

Hospital chairs with wheels offer greater freedom and mobility to the elderly, so they can move around inside their homes.

On the other hand, for the caregivers or family members who are taking care of a person with reduced mobility it is also an asset to their care – they can easily move the elderly person from one place to another and without much additional effort.

Hospital wheelchairs thus promote inclusion with other family members or residents, which increases the self-esteem and social interaction of the elderly.

Consider all the extras

Exotic Electric Geriatric Armchair with Elevation Orthos XXI – Allows a total lying down position

There are several types of hospital armchairs on the market today, and all of them can have numerous extras associated with them: pressure point control, backrest height, headrest, side support, footrest, leg raising, and others.

All these extras contribute to a more appropriate posture for an elderly person, which will increase his or her quality of life and allow for a more comfortable and restful period.

In addition, they also bring numerous advantages to the health of the elderly in relation to breathing, swallowing, and digestion of food that are usually always affected by poor posture and positioning.

Opt for the easy-to-clean hospital armchairs…it’s a bonus!

The hospital armchair chosen should be easy to clean and have no hidden areas where any kind of dirt and/or bacteria can lodge. In the case of the elderly, you have to bear in mind that their immune system is reduced and that at any time there is the possibility that they will have an open wound that will take time to heal – and in these situations, being easy to clean becomes even more important.

In this regard, you should consider the fabric and shape of the hospital armchair and see if, in fact, it has easy or difficult access areas for better maintenance and cleaning.

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