Cold Gel – what is it for and where to buy it in Portugal?

Have you ever had a sudden sharp pain in your back or during physical activity that needed quick relief? These pains can have various causes, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, or especially intense physical activity. However, whatever the origin, one of the most recommended solutions is the application of cold gel.

Today, we tell you about this pain reliever: how it works, what options there are, and why it may be the effective and economical option you’re looking for for quick pain relief.


Cold gel is a topical analgesic that contains menthol. It works by numbing the pain receptors in the skin, providing pain relief. Through cryotherapy, a cold therapy method that consists of applying cold to the area of pain, this gel is able to provide immediate relief.

It is especially recommended for relieving muscle pain, back pain, arthritic pain, muscle strains, sore joints, sports injuries, and more.

But the benefits of cold gel don’t stop there: it also improves performance in ultrasound therapies, if used before or after, and improves mobility and recovery time.

This method can be used regularly or as needed, before or after physical activity or cold or heat therapy. However, if you feel signs of irritation of the skin area where you have been applying, take a break and talk to your pharmacist.


Cold gel is particularly sought after and appreciated by athletes. Sometimes, during races, trainings, or harder physical activity, accidents or ‘bad habits’ happen: sprains, muscle ruptures or strains, sore joints, among others. On these occasions, having a cold gel on hand will help get rid of the pain in just a few minutes.

If this is the case for you, try taking cold gel with you on your next exercise session. In case of pain, you already know what to do!


In Portugal, you can find cold gel available in most pharmacies, but also here in your Loja Ortopédica. Cold gel is available in several formats, including gel, roll-on, and spray.

Polar Frost Gel

cold gel
cold gel

Polar Frost Cold Gel, available in 150ml tube or 500ml bottle with dispenser, is a practical and easy to carry option that provides muscle and joint relief. This gel contains Aloe Vera, a plant with anti-inflammatory effects that provides immediate and effective pain relief. In addition, it helps keep the skin soft and smooth during treatment.

Polar Frost Roll On

O Polar Frost Cold Gel in Roll-on is also easy to carry. Sold in 75ml packages, it will effectively relieve pain. For best results and easy application, shake well before use and apply the product by always rolling in the same direction. The roll-on format allows for faster and more uniform application, while still maintaining the effectiveness of its anti-inflammatory properties and pain relief.

Cold gel is safe for most people. However, as with any other painkiller or health product, we recommend that you read the information label carefully and follow the instructions. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should consult your healthcare provider before applying cold gel.

Do you have questions about cold gel and would like to clarify them with one of our specialists? Talk to us! You can fill out the contact form, make a call, write an e-mail, or visit our physical store.

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