Finger Oximeter. The device you need to have at home!

Finger Oximeter. This is a complex name that, until recently, was unknown to most people. However, in the last year, the oximeter has become a recurring word in our daily lives and for many a device as essential as the thermometer.

If you haven’t bought one yet and doubt its usefulness (is it temporary or is it an essential device?), the Orthopedic Store explains why you may need to have an oximeter at home.

Main advantages of the finger oximeter


The finger oximeter not only indicates the oxygen saturation in the blood, but also lets you know if it is within normal levels. The device also allows you to measure other vital data, such as, for example, respiration rate and the amount of heartbeat.


These devices have a light sensor to capture the amount of oxygen circulating in the bloodstream. So, to make the measurement, the oximeter is placed on the fingertip (because it is a translucent spot). These sensors take immediate and regular measurements, returning blood oxygen saturation data on the screen.

With such a device you will not need to draw blood, avoiding stings.


The oximeter presents you with data that is very easy to interpret! It is within anyone’s reach to read these values and know how to act.

In the case of a healthy person, normal oxygenation levels will be between 95% and 100%. These values may drop to a range between 90% and 95% in situations of mild health disturbances, such as colds and flu, without this being a cause for concern.

However, if with correct use and after a new screening measurement, the oximeter reads a saturation of less than 90%, you are lacking oxygen in the blood. It will be urgent to diagnose the associated health problem, as we will be facing more serious diseases such as asthma, pneumonia, emphysema, heart failure, or neurological diseases. If you are infected or suspect you may be infected with Covid-19, it is imperative that you seek medical attention.


In the case of the finger oximeter we offer, lightweight (50g) and small (5.8 x 3.2 x 3.4cm), transport is made even easier by its own bag.

You can take this device anywhere. It is an essential that should not be missing in your first aid bag!


If you have children, the oximeter will also be very useful especially when babies or children cannot express themselves well yet.

Viral bronchiolitis, for example, is very common among infants. In these cases, an oximeter will allow you to assess the oxygen levels in the blood and thus understand more quickly the state of your child’s health, avoiding the so-called “silent hypoxias”. Furthermore, it is a completely painless measuring device and very easy to apply!


The finger oximeter has an essential safety and preventive function. The person taking the measurement, or even the patient if he or she feels able to assess the oxygen in the blood, can prevent “happy hypoxia”, but also avoid early trips to the hospital for these assessments.

For a correct reading, you only need to take a few basic precautions

Experts warn about the importance of knowing how to interpret these devices, because there are basic precautions that must be taken to ensure more accurate results:

  • The equipment must be calibrated;
  • Avoid using nail polish, as it may interfere with the passage of the light sensor and thus with the correct reading of the oximeter;
  • Protect the device in a brightly lit space;
  • Keep the hand relaxed and below the level of the heart;
  • Leave the oximeter on your finger for a while;
  • If your hands are too cold, the oximeter may have some difficulty taking a reading.

Covid-19, the new normal, and what we need to do to fight the disease

According to recent data, and considering a “very modest sample, with only three of the best known brands and sales only in pharmacies, the number of oximeters purchased quadrupled” in 9 months (from March to December 2020) – data from consultancy IQVIA Portugal quoted in Expresso.

As early as January 2021, the World Health Organization recommended the use of pulse oximetry to monitor and identify Covid-19 infection progress from home. This will be the most relevant advice and one that attests to the usefulness of the finger oximeter, given the current pandemic context.

This is because the new coronavirus causes a shortness of breath that patients may only experience at the edge: so-called “happy hypoxia.” Thus, during the quarantine period at home, the device will make it possible to measure the oxygen levels in the blood and immediately recognize the need for hospital follow-up in case of low saturation values.

A quality oximeter will give you more peace of mind and safety. However, be sure to consult a doctor in case of doubt or illness.

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