Bikini Day: Discover the Comfort of a Swimsuit for Mastectomy Anita

Mastectomy is a process that marks the lives of women who go through it. Bikinis, swimsuits and mastectomy bras are designed to hold the prosthesis safely and discreetly.

In today’s article, we address the topic of mastectomy: the different types, the process of breast reconstruction and the role that swimsuits and bras play in restoring confidence and self-esteem.

Types of Mastectomy

Today, thanks to the development of medicine, breast cancer is not a death sentence. Despite being considered a serious disease, the treatments adopted, combined with screenings, have good recovery rates and offer the patient a good quality of life.

In the treatment of cancer, mastectomies are a common treatment and, sometimes together with chemotherapy, they have good results. However, all women are different and cancer affects them in different ways, which leads to different mastectomies and treatments.

Partial Mastectomy

In this surgery, the nodule or tumor and the surrounding tissue are removed, without the need to completly remove the breast. Some nearby nodes may or may not be removed, reducing the risk of the nodules or tumors appearing again.

Simple Mastectomy

This is the simplest and most common type of mastectomy. It consists of removing the breast completely, including the nipple, areola, skin and mammary glands. In this procedure, you can or not remove the glandia in the armpit region.

Radical Mastectomy

In this type of procedure, in addition to removing the entire breast, all surrounding the entire breast, all surronding muscles and ganglia in the armpit region are removed. This type of mastectomy is the most suitable for cases of cancer with the possibilty of spreading.

Preventive Mastectomy

As its name implies, preventive mastectomy is performed when there is a very high risk of developing breast cancer, such as in cases of family history or when genetic alterations appear that can lead to the onset of the disease.

Breast Reconstruction and the Role of Post-Surgical Bra

After a mastectomy, chest asymmetry is very difficult to disguise without a prosthesis. Therefore, many women opt for breast reconstruction surgery, which can be done in different ways:

Immediate Breast Reconstruction

The reconstruction process begins when the removal of the breast is finished, which means that the patient is never amputee and does not need to wear external prostheses, restoring the natural appearance of the breasts.

Deferred Construction

When it is not possible to perform breast reconstruction at the time of breast removal, the processes are separated into two surgeries. This is an option taken when the conditions for it are not met or when this is the woman’s desire.

Sometimes, the period between the removal and reconstruction surgery is a little long and, in these cases, women should follow a set of care and wear a bra for mastectomy

Post-Surgical Mastectomy Bra

After mastectomy surgery, some women suffer from complexes and insecurities. A bikini, swimsuit, or post-mastectomy bra is light, soft, comfortable, and contains two bilateral bags.

In addition to keeping the dentures in the right place and adjusted to the chest, they provide extra security and ease for all situations, including a day at the beach or pool.

Go to the beach or swimming after a mastectomy? It’s possible!

There is no longer any reason for women with mastectomies not to enjoy the summer on a day at the beach or around the pool. For being practical, comfortable and with a design that is not far from the so-called “normal” swimsuits and bikinis, the mastectomy bikinis and bathing suits restore women’s confidence and self-esteem.

In a process that in itself is difficult and overcoming, women should not have to wear a bikini or swimsuit that does not reflect their personal style. The times are long gone when finding beautiful, young, elegant and attractively designed bikinis, swimsuits and bras for mastectomy was a difficult task and the Anita brand is proof of that.

Bikinis and Mastectomy Swimwear Anita

German brand Anita specializes in developing bras for those who have undergone surgery for partial or total breast removal. For over 130 years, the brand has been committed to quality, comfort, design and fitting, mirrored in elegant and comfortable bikinis, swimsuits and mastectomy bras.

Check out some of the models.

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