Geriatric chairs: all the benefits for less than you think!

Geriatric chairs are a product that excels in comfort and health benefits, especially for the elderly. With age, muscles and joints become weaker and start to cause pain and discomfort, which is why the elderly end up spending a lot of time sitting or lying down. Hence the need to find a comfortable and safe product on which they can sit for several hours.

In these situations, reclining geriatric armchairs are the ideal product. In addition to providing comfort and well-being after many hours of sitting, they are a safe product that offers several health benefits.


Geriatric recliners are high-end products, designed and engineered to be comfortable even after several hours of sitting. Whether for a patient, elderly person, or their companion, it is an essential product. After analyzing various criteria, it is concluded that the cost-benefit of this product is actually low. Let’s look at some of the benefits of geriatric armchairs.

They help correct posture. Thanks to their shape and sturdiness, geriatric armchairs help the user to sit correctly. In this way you will be improving your posture and putting your muscles in their correct position, avoiding more serious consequences in the future;

They provide comfort. One of the great advantages of a geriatric armchair is that it provides comfort and well-being even after several hours of sitting. In a hospital, nursing home or even at home, the elderly end up spending a lot of time sitting, feeling pain and discomfort after a while.

They relieve leg and back pain and relax the whole body. Reclining geriatric chairs usually have lumbar, leg, and head support, helping to alleviate possible pain and enhance back stability;

There are chairs of various sizes, which means that there is also an armchair that is perfect for the space you have available. There are wider and more compact models, so you can choose the armchair that best fits your space.

If you don’t know exactly which armchair is best for you, we have written an article that acts as a guide and helps you to thoughtfully and informedly choose the best armchair for you. You can see here .

Still, if you are looking for specific models, we will help you out and recommend three types of armchairs: hospital armchair with wheels, reclining geriatric armchair, and armchair with pillow.

Geriatric wheelchair: Manual Exotic Geriatric Armchair Orthos XXI

Manufactured by the national brand Orthos XXI ®, this armchair has traditional, rounded lines. It also has a built-in headrest, fixed arms, and a comfort seat with a viscoelastic foam top layer.

In addition to all this, this armchair allows for position change for users with motor difficulties, has elevating feet and a folding back, and can be placed in a fully lying down position, resulting in extra comfort. It also has the advantage of having wheels, which allows it to be moved when necessary.

Reclining Geriatric Armchair: Electric Exotic Geriatric Armchair with Elevation Orthos XXI

This model is very similar to the previous one, but has the extra of seat elevation from 0º to 45º, for more support to the user when sitting down and standing up. For elderly people with mobility problems, this is an advisable model.

Hospital orthopedic armchair with rest: Electric Armchair Fino 1 Motor Invacare

The Invacare Fino 1 Motor Electric Armchair is the most compact of the range. Thanks to its overall dimensions, it fits easily into small spaces. With its control, it offers effortless reclining of the backrest and lifting of the feet.

So that the elderly can sit down and stand up safely and confidently, this armchair has a lifting position, i.e., it helps them move from a sitting position to a standing position and vice versa, which is controlled with a remote control.

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