Posture Broker: all you need to know

According to the World Health Organization, 8 out of 10 people will experience back and low back pain in their lifetime. Often, these pains are caused by years of bad posture that are later reflected in more or less serious pain and injuries. And this is where the posture corrector vest can help! See which models we have available here .

Today, we bring you everything you need to know about a posture corrector vest: what it is, what it is used for, how it should be worn, and what factors to keep in mind when purchasing one.


The posture corrector is an orthopedic device that, as its name indicates, aims to make a gradual correction of posture, helping to straighten and align shoulders and back.

It may not seem like it, but proper use of a posture corrector can even help prevent pain, correct scoliosis (depending on its degree of severity), and help with other back and lower back problems.

Thanks to developments in the medical field and in orthopedic equipment, posture correctors are becoming more and more discreet and lighter, so they can be worn on a daily basis under your clothes in comfort and convenience.

At first, using a posture corrector can be a bit uncomfortable. However, with habit and after the first few uses, they become quite comfortable and have the advantage of being completely adjustable, very light, discreet and affordable, with a great cost-benefit ratio.

Corretor Postural Conforto

O colete corretor postural E250 é indicado para quem tem má postura ele ajuda a redução da curvatura dorsal cifótica e corrige.

posture corrector


Today, there are posture brokers in many different forms that adapt to the needs and problems of their user. Therefore, each posture corrector has a specific way of being placed and used.

It is very important that you put on and use the posture corrector in the proper way, as improper use can lead to injuries and abnormalities.

Some recommendations for a good use of the posture corrector vest:

1 – If you experience irritation or redness on the skin that is in direct contact with the posture corrector, stop using it and consult a doctor or pharmacist;

2 – Don’t squeeze it too tightly, as this can hinder normal blood circulation;

3 – When choosing the best posture corrector, pay attention to its size and choose the one that best fits your body;

4 – If you wear it for a long time, choose a more padded model in order to avoid irritation and discomfort.

It is not recommended that you wear the posture corrector vest if you have no associated health problems. If you regularly wear a vest unnecessarily, the muscle will start to atrophy and stop doing its functions naturally.


As we explained above, the best posture broker is the one who responds to your needs and helps you with your problems. We suggest that the choice of an orthopedic posture vest should be accompanied by a physician or specialist in the field.

Still, there are several factors to consider when purchasing an orthopedic corrective vest.

The material should be light and comfortable and have some kind of elastic property that allows for a better adaptation to each person’s body. It should also be sturdy, durable, and not wear out quickly with washing.

Usually, the measurement used to choose the corrector vest size is the chest. Even with its elastic ability, it is very important that you wear the right size for you because if it is too wide it will not have the desired effect and if it is too tight it will end up causing discomfort and pain. Usually each model has a specific size guide, so be guided by it.

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