3 essential equipment for people with reduced mobility

With diminished walking abilities, there is a tendency for people to shut themselves away at home, decrease contact with society, and thus lose self-esteem, feel frustrated, and even excluded.

Nowadays, having limited mobility is not synonymous with staying locked up at home. Depending on the degree of mobility, the truth is that you can continue to have a normal life: go out, meet friends and family, go shopping, go for coffee, etc.

There are devices that help to have more autonomy and independence and to achieve a more active and social life, preventing restricted mobility from negatively affecting the person’s life.


Canes are the most popular piece of equipment among people with reduced mobility, and there are reasons for that! By offering extra support and accompanying each step, the person ends up walking with more confidence, agility, and ease, as well as helping to prevent falls.

It is a piece of equipment that is also widely used by people recovering after surgery, making it faster, more autonomous, and avoiding possible pain and discomfort.

The canes can be the traditional “T” shaped canes or canes with three or four supports, i.e., the so-called tripods or quad tripods. The latter have the advantage of standing on their own, freeing one hand when needed.

Loja Ortopédica has a wide range of canes, of various shapes, materials, colors and different characteristics, such as canes or with seat .


Walkers are very practical equipment for those with reduced mobility, since they help you to take steps more safely, and their variety makes it possible to choose according to need. Regardless of the material it is made of, walkers are very light and easy to use equipment, and therefore a great alternative for those who need extra help getting up and sitting on the couch or bed.

There are several types of walkers with different applications and characteristics. Some have the possibility of being completely foldable and are therefore easier to store. Others allow you to lock the walker, locking it with maximum security. They may or may not have a compartment for carrying goods and have two of the supports on wheels or be completely stationary.

Above all, the key is to understand what the person’s needs are and what equipment best meets those needs.

For an even more stable and complete use of the walker, you can attach a flashlight so that you can move around more safely in darker environments.


The electric scooters are, without a doubt, the perfect equipment for those who have reduced mobility but do not want to give up their independence and autonomy. They allow for a more active, comfortable, and social life, and thus more well-being! In addition, they have the extra benefit of being very stylish and very secure, increasing the wearer’s self-esteem, which is very important in old age.

Electric scooters make it possible to visit friends and family, as they can go on sidewalks, in parks, on the streets, and into cafes, supermarkets, and other establishments.

There are different types of scooters, with different sizes and features. They can have three sizes: small, medium, and large. What are the differences?

Small scooters are the best solution if their user travels short distances in controlled environments. Medium-sized scooters, on the other hand, can be used for longer distances both indoors and outdoors, as long as the sidewalk is not too uneven. Finally, large scooters are best used outdoors and are safe on sidewalk with some irregularity, since they are quite powerful and can reach 15km/h.

The scooters are very easy to use, thanks to a simple panel, intuitive controls, and the intelligent controller, they offer the user extra safety by limiting acceleration and increasing speed gradually and smoothly.

If you have questions about the type of equipment that is right for you, please contact us. The Orthopedic Store is happy to listen and advise you.

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