14 Years of Loja Ortopédica, 14 Values that Makes Us Proud!

Today, May 13, 2020, Loja Ortopédica celebrates 14 years. It was 14 years ago that we started our activity in the area of orthopedics, health, mobility, armchairs, maternity, among others. But we are much more than that!

Our motto is “We know and we have what you need”. In fact, in the last 14 years we have acquired a lot of experience and know-how in the area, which has allowed us to have the necessary knowledge and tools so that we can give the best advice and help our customers to choose the best products for themselves and theirs.

We want to celebrate with you! Only today, the 13th, by using the discount code LOJAORTO14, you can enjoy a 14% discount o your purchase. But just today! Enjoy!

Today, we share with you 14 values that have accompanied us over the past 14 years and will continue to do so. They are our pillar, what moves us and what allows us to continue to grow and help thousands of families.

1. Personalized Follow-Up

Each case is different and this is how we look at our clients.

2. Respect

At Loja Ortopédica, we respect the work and dedication of all caregivers, formal or informal, who every day look after someone, often without merrit or remuneration.

3. Dignity

We believe in power of the human being and fight for the dignity of everyone, regardless of illness or physical/mental limitation.

4. Sympathy

By email, phone or in person, we always serve our customers with a smile on their face

5. Knowledge

We are proud of the path we have taken so far and everything we have learned from it.

6. Sharing

We share with our customers everything we have learned over the last 14 years.

7. Caution

All the advice we give is done with care and attention, so that we can offer nothing but the best.

8. Follow Up

We accompany our customers throughout the purchase process, but more importantly, throughout their lives, through good times and bad.

9. Trust

We believe that confidence and self-esteem are importanct factors during a patient’s treatment and recovery.

10. Commitment

We have been in a serious commitment to our customers for 14 years and to the serious service we offer them.

11. Passion

We are passionate about what we do! The love for helping people to find the best solutionfor you and yours runs through our veins.

12. Overcoming

Every day we work to overcome the work we did the day before.Every day we work to overcome the work we did the day before. In addition, we offer the best products so that our customers can overcome their limitations.

13. Quality

We work with the best suppliers and sell good quality products, ensuring the best care.

14. Appreciation

We value our customers for trusting Loja Ortopédica to be part of their lives . We also value our employees, who work every day so that we can offer a better service to those who come to us.

We can only thank all the customers who have remained loyal to Loja Ortopédica and ensure that on this side we will remain focused on offering the best products at the best prices, always taking into account the values that move and maintain us. Let 14 more come!

Loja Ortopédica®

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