Special: Suggestions for Valentine’s Day

The most passionate and romantic day of the year is coming!

At Loja Ortopédica, love is celebrated every day and, therefore, we dedicate the month of February to love and all forms of loving. More than ever, it is important to share feelings and affections and show all the affection for those we love the most.

That’s why we’ve prepared the best suggestions for health and well-being to take care of all your loved ones: gifts that combine comfort, warmth and beauty.

But tell us: after all, who does your heart beat for?


Comfort Orthia Green Orthopedic Pillow

Want to improve your Valentine’s nights sleep? Made 100% in Portugal, this pillow is ergonomic and slow recovery. Its memory foam molds perfectly to the contours of the body and body temperature, being the ultimate in comfort.

Produced with environmentally friendly materials, it has a bamboo fiber lining and a highly absorbent net-like structure, which ensures that the fabric is always fresh and refreshing. An extremely soft and pleasant pillow that will make all the difference in your better half’s nights sleep (and yours!).

Soca Wash’Go Paris Emoji

A clog that fits your boyfriend’s feet perfectly? Yes! In addition, the base allows you to maintain an anatomically correct position and the removable and soft insole absorbs the impacts of walking, giving the feet adequate support. The emoji pattern won’t let you miss the good mood! The Soca Wash’Go Paris Emoji will bring the flexibility and comfort needed for your loved one’s day-to-day.


Strap – Pregnancy Belt Babybelt 1708 Anita

Increasing the family is always a big step and an even greater joy. If the family is growing, we have the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day! The Babybelt Pregnancy Belt, with an adjustable Velcro closure, allows you to follow your growing belly. Thanks to the flexible and ergonomic integrated band, it adapts perfectly to movements and offers excellent support to the belly, preventing back and lower back pain and providing a more comfortable pregnancy.

Soca Wash’Go Paris Hearts

The Wash’Go Paris Corações clog fits perfectly to your girlfriend’s feet and provides a more comfortable day-to-day. The base allows you to maintain an anatomically correct position and the removable and soft insole absorbs the impacts of walking, giving the feet adequate support. The pattern with hearts won’t let her forget how much you love her! Offer this clog and let flexibility and comfort be the watchwords in your better half’s day-to-day life.


Blue Cork Oak Sheep Wool Slipper

Do you want to offer a warm winter to the most important people in your life? Our slippers have been carefully designed to keep your feet warm. Composed of sheep wool, they perfectly insulate heat and the anatomical insole absorbs impacts in external environments. With a light and flexible sole, they allow a perfect combination of comfort and well-being on the coldest days. A gift that will not go unnoticed!

Unisex Textile Boot Poplar Anthracite

Another option to offer comfort and warmth is our Slipper Boot covered in gray textile. It has a zipper that allows a larger opening at the top, creating comfort when putting on and taking off and facilitating the adjustment to the foot. The 100% lá lining is great for keeping your feet warm and cozy, and the sole provides a secure and comfortable support, effectively absorbing impact and reducing pain when walking. The shoes that will make a difference in your parents’ day-to-day.


Black Ergonomic Cane

Offering walking aids to grandparents is always a nice way to provide them with a safer and more confident everyday life. The ergonomic handle is ideal for absorbing shocks and preventing hand slipping, making it more stable and comfortable for your grandparents. In addition, and to prevent the cane from slipping on different floors, it is covered with a soft material. Transform your grandparents’ lives!

Folding Walker with 4 Wheels and Brakes

A walker that is an “all in 1” and that will revolutionize your grandparents’ lives: reducing the effort when walking and handling the walker thanks to the two wheels. The handles on the handles allow you to lock the rear wheels, offering more security. In addition, thanks to the adjustable seat, it allows you to rest whenever and wherever you want. A great option to improve mobility and renew the walking aid for the elderly in the family.


Rossmax EB600 Double Stethoscope

Maximum functionality and practicality? The stethoscope is suitable for the role of cardiologist and other healthcare professionals – and therefore makes a great gift for that special friend of yours. The double diaphragm allows an evaluation of both adult and children patients, and its stainless steel rods give it a higher quality. The “must have” for any healthcare professional.

Optimum Coco Fur Lining Boots

This fur-lined boot will be the bane of your friends! They are ideal for very sensitive and fragile feet and, thanks to their very soft and malleable mesh, they gently hug the foot, adapting to it perfectly. The removable anatomical insole supports the foot comfortably and absorbs the impacts of walking, increasing the degree of comfort. With an elegant finish, your friends won’t want anything else!

On this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to live love in every possible way. Explore our Valentine’s Suggestions and, if you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Loja Ortopédica ® – We know and have what you need!

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