Manual, Eletric and 100% Eletric Articulated Bed - Which is the best option?

Hospital beds are very useful for those caring for an elderly or a bedridden person, since with little effort they can change their position, and, at the same time, give them more comfort and safety. And what will be the better option?

We explain the differences so that you know which option is most suitable for you or your family member. 

Articulated Manual Bed

This bed has an articulated platform that makes it possible to vary the positions of the upper and lower limbs of the elderly or bedridden person, thorugh a handle, with the help of another person being necessary to position the bed in order to provide greater comfort to the elderly. 

Eletric Articulated Bed

The eletric bed allows you to vary the positions of the upper and lower limbs of the elderly or bedridden person, through a command, it is a only necessary to press the buttons, that automatically, the bed does the rest. It gives greater comfort and autonomy to its user. This bed has a good electrical system. 

100% Eletric Articulated Bed

The 100% electric bed, in addition to having the same benefits as the previous model, allows users with short stature or less balance to get up or lie down more easily and safely by raising the platform. These products are of national production.

At Loja Ortopédica, in addition to all types of articulated beds, you will also be able to find mattresses, pillows and other products, to make people's lives more comfortable.

Where to Buy Articulated /Hospital Beds

At Loja Ortopedica you can choose and buy high quality articulated beds, according to your financial availability and the needs of those who will use this equipment.

Our team of dedicated professionals chose articulated beds and other equipment based on strict criteria of quality, strength and comfort, always taking into account the best quality/price ratio.

We are dedicated to the commercialization of orthopedic, geriatric, surgical, hospital and health and well-being products and make fast deliveries throughout mainland Portugal.

Visit us on our website at or contact us from the contact form to choose the most appropriate articulated bed for your current situation.

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